Friday, September 16, 2005

OK, Let's Move On... To BOTOX!

Please. Because, I reaaaaaaaally don't need the additional stress,
ya know? So can we talk about botox for a minute here? Yes, I
get botox injections. Four time per year. And my insurance pays
for it. That's because most of it goes in my neck and shoulders, and
the rest of it goes in my forehead. You might think that I'd walk a-
round looking like one of those automotons, but noooo... Not me.
Why? Because like everything else in medicine, my body is just

The botox doesn't do its civic duty and totally paralyze my facial or
neck and shoulder muscles. (Of course I don't get it in all of my
neck muscles because then if it worked, I wouldn't be able to hold
my head up and I'd have to get rings of gold around it to prop it up
like that one African tribe in... well, wherever the fuck they are.)

So, I have apparently developed somewhat of an immunity to botu-
lism and the botox only partially paralyzes my muscles. The entire
idea behind using botox for migraine and headache relief is that when
you have a headache it becomes a vicious cycle. Your muscles con-
tract from the pain, and then they become sore, they throb, which
makes your headache worse, and so on and so forth.

So the theory is that by paralyzing the muscles, it cuts down on the in-
tensity of the headache. And I do think it helps somewhat, otherwise
I wouldn't go back and let them keep sticking me with tiny little need-
les and shooting me with toxins right under my skin.

Of course, the bonus is that she always sends me home with lortab
and muscle relaxants. So that's always fun.


Anonymous said...

Yo, Syd,

Are you serious, darlin'???

You're telling me that you use Botox?

Are you mad?

That stuff'll kill you in about 10 years; still, as I've always said, each to their own! ;-)

BTW, if anyone's hassling you on here, just give me a shout, and I'll deal with them! ;-) LOL

Bloody hell, and I use Detox! ;-)

Peace and Love...



Sydney said...

Well, I've got about eight years left then...

AndyT13 said...

Took me a while to find the thong pic but now that I've seen it I can only stand by what I said before: Wow! You are awesome. :-)
Old & busted:
New hotness: Syd at
Death to anonymous jerks (not you Steve). Long live Syd!

Blogdreamz said...

Your crazy, and just the thought of those needles every where you said. Ouch!

Sydney said...

Thanks Andy, and Susan, its really not a big deal for me, the needles - well except yesterday. My head hurt for so long last month that my muscles were really bunched up so it hurt a little more just get the needles in. But I've been anemic so long that I'm used to needles having had blood drawn a bunch and stuff. I don't even think about it really.

The Scarlett said...

I'm not in favor, personally, of the 'tox. I've had cancer thus I've had some serious toxins pumped into me; I'm not looking to augment that volume anytime soon. So, I stay with peels and microdermabrasion which work beautifully on me. I'm not opposed to Botox's use on others as long as the 'toxee doesn't end up looking like Joan Allen (shown here), identified by Go Fug Yourself as looking like a "pert little alien."

Sydney said...

Yeah, I wouldn't do it for cosmetic reasons, trust me. But I would do pretty much anything to help lesson my migraines. Really. Pretty much anything.

Anonymous said...

Hello Syd. Why haven't you returned to us?
One thing puzzles me; WHY for the love of God are you now friendly with Utopia? You practically had the KGB on his ass when you were at Blogster.

Sydney said...

Hi There. I just didn't want to blog with daily fights and sniping. Its not why I blog. I blog to relieve stress, not to fight.

On Steve/Utopia, funny thing happened on the way to blogspot. A couple of people who I thought were my friends (And I'm happy to report just a couple) turned out not to be after all. And one or two people who I thought were my mortal enemies (because I didn't really have many people I would have put in that category) actually supported me when the going got rough. And Utopia was one of them. So Steve and I made our peace. Weird huh? Who would have thunk it.

Sydney said...

The weird thing about the botox with me is that for some reason my muscles get so tight that even botox doesn't make them relax completely. So my facial muscles still move. Which actually is UNFORTUNATE.

If it would completely immobilize them it would give me better pain relief. And I wear partial bangs anyway, so you wouldn't see it. But any amount of relaxing them helps.

Mork&Mindy said...

You like drugs, don't you?

Sydney said...

Especially the lortab. Its a very happy little drug.

Anonymous said...

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