Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Feel Guilty About EVERYTHING

Oh Damn! Now I remember what I wanted to write about
earlier! Its so annoying that I just sublimated the
entire thing. Ok, so back about two months ago, this
lady hit me from behind. She didn't have her insurance
card with her. Yes, I called the police and got a re-
port. No, I did not have them issue her a ticket. I
just took her word for it that she did have insurance
and didn't have her card with her.

Then I could NOT get her to call me back. So finally
I called her at work. Boy she called me back FAST then.
And here's the story she gave me. She told me that her
employer, a chiropractor, and she, had just gotten both
health and auto insurance under the same company and that
since it was new insurance they would probably drop her
if she made a claim, could she just pay me in cash? Well,
I thought her story stunk to high heaven. But A. If she
was lying she didn't have the insurance anyway so what
good did it do me to prove that she was lying and B. Hope-
fully she really would give me the cash.

So she made arrangements to come by my office the follow-
ing Tuesday with a check. Needless to say, that never oc-
curred. Tuesday came and went and she was a no show. In
the meantime, my car is still damaged. Mind you, this is
the second fucking time THIS YEAR that this has happened to
me and I have had to pay out of pocket as I have a thousand
dollar deductible on my own insurance (that's what having
a teenage boy on your insurance will do to your premiums).

So this morning I called her employer, this chiropracter,
back again and spoke to the nurse/receptionist whatever.
I asked about their insurance, if it was really true that
this chick and the chiropracter have the same auto insurance
provider because if so, I need the insurance information.
Well, the lady tells me that no, she would be VERY surprised
if they do (yeah, I suspected that). So I leave my name and
number there, along with the entire story of what transpired
and a message for this girl to call me. Now here's the deal.
I feel a little bit guilty about doing that at her work, but
she HAS been lying to me for over two months about HAVING
auto insurance and has strung me along without paying me any-
thing for two months as well. And I didn't have her ticketed
for the lack of insurance in the first place. But then again,
I feel guilty about everything, the mideast peace crisis for
instance. And we all know, that was Abraham's fault.


Lisa said...

try not to feel guilty. in fact, good for you that you did that. embarrassment can be a strong motivator.

dreamgurl said...

That sucks that she's trying to dodge her responsibility. I wouldn't feel guilty. In fact, my car is at the body shop now getting repaired after being backed into at a parking lot. But the people who did it were honest enough to find me and give me their insurance info... I like to think that's good karma coming back after I left a note on this dude's car that I backed into a year ago or so.

Sydney said...

Yeah, I have bad car karma. I'm not sure whats up with that, because I've never shirked my own responsibility when it comes to someone else's car. Maybe its just a numbers game and a living in Alabama thing. But its happened to me twice now in seven months that some uninsured motorist has hit me. My insurance company is still trying to collect from the first one. SUX

.Ben. said...

Sue her. Find a lawyer that will do it for a couple hundred bucks (still less than your deductible), then sue the pants off of her.

Sydney said...

Yeah - Or I could just do it myself in small claims for $50. Its a pretty easy case.

.Ben. said...

But you don't want small claims. You want her pants off.

Sydney said...

Yeah, you're right. She wasn't bad looking.

Actually, the highest estimate I have is for 2400.00, that includes the car rental. I think Alabama small claims goes up to $5000.00. I'll check and make certain first of course.

.Ben. said...

Viola! $2600 in emotional damages and compesation for missed work, and time spent at the repair shop, etc etc.... Then, with the extra money, get yourself some bling-bling rims for your Corolla!

Sydney said...

And here you thought you knew me. tsk tsk.

1) I have a lexus, not a corolla.
2) bling bling rims are OH SO TACKY
3) I don't believe in suing for
more than the amount actually
necessary to take care of the
business at hand. Which would
be the exact amount of time it
has taken out of my workday to
pursue the claim and no more (I
thought you were a conservative?

Its not like I've lost sleep ov-
er a little dent in the back of
a luxury car. Trust me. There
are WAY more important things in
my life than that. I want the
damn thing fixed of course, but
hey, nobody got hurt. In my
life, its more of an annoyance.

I've got a feeling that since
she's got no insurance, its go-
ing to be tough, a huge under-
taking to get it paid for. And
honestly, I feel for her a lit-
tle bit. Sure, she fucked up.
She should have had insurance.

But there is part of me that
feels for her just a little bit.
Strange as that sounds. And of
course, if I sue her, how do I
collect? You can't get blood
from a turnip? The best thing
may be to turn it in to my in-
surance and let them cover it,
pay out my deductible and then
let them recover that from her.

They can't raise my rates be-
cause the accident was her
fault. I'm leaning towards