Saturday, September 17, 2005

Customer of The Year

I have one customer to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude. I
had a broker basically stick us with 29 loads of chicken earlier
this year. It was supposed to have been sold to a large corpora-
tion whose name I will not mention in this post. He gave us his
word on it. And since my boss knew him and had worked with
him before, we bought the inventory based on that. Well... I'm
sure you can see what's coming here. He didn't really have the
deal sewn up. And when it fell through he kind of shrugged and
said, "Wow, I'm really sorry guys."

Enter the customer of the year. Since we are wholesalers, we
sell to a lot of distributors. This customer, who was actually my
very first customer when I got into this business (and he taught
me much of what I know about poultry and deli meats), pitched
in immediately to try to help me move the loads. Now under-
stand that 29 loads of chicken means 29 x 40,000 lbs. Or, in lay-
man's terms, a lot of mother fucking chicken.

So COTY has sold a few loads a month for me every month. As
the chicken market began to dive I have not made money on all
of them, but the most important thing is that I have lost MUCH
LESS than I would have without him as I would not have been
able to move many of the loads. (The company that manufactures
the product and I are in he same market so its difficult to find
customers to whom they aren't already selling, and since they are
the manufacturer they can always beat my price.)

Anyway, thanks to COTY I am down to 5 loads of that product now
and he hopes to have them moved Monday. But in addition to that,
he just called me today. On Saturday. ON SATURDAY! To let me
know that he is in the process of making a deal on the only other
load I need to move so that I can get it out of the way and not lose
money on it. What a great guy!*

*Just as a general FYI, the hurricane took the market up for a
very short time, but it is now falling and is expected to return to
something closely approximating pre-hurricane levels very soon.


Cindy said...

I know you were worried about that, and it takes a load off of your mind. So, how's your Saturday?

Sydney said...

Actually, I slept all day. Just woke up. Pretty productive huh?

Cindy said...

Yep, your body was telling you it needed a rest! The kids are here, guitars and video camera's, I'm trying to stay out of the way.

christa said...

You need to bump into ppl like that at times not to lose faith in humanity all together. And thanks for the contribution on my lil association game :)

Joyce said...

wow, me love eating chickens but i never thought selling them like that would be pretty hard...good luck on your work!! :)

rhcpepper said...

Hi, Syd,

How's things, sweetheart.

I received your emails this morning, my friend, and will get back to you later on today, precious.

I'm glad to see that you're settling in down here; although, as I've previously stated before, Princess, on several occasions, why don't you get back to Blogster, Princess???

It kinda saddens me that some people on this site, and back on Blogster are so negative and destructive in their comments.

Just ignore them, darlin', and do that which you do best, i.e. just blog and let all your emotions, etc., etc., out into the open.

If people can't accept that which you blog about, then, sadly, that's their problem.

And if all they can do is to try and ridicule you or bring you down; then again, sweetheart, that too just shows how weak-willed and cowardly they are.

If they want to pick on someone, then I suggest that they pick on a bloke, i.e. like yours truly (i.e. Utopia @ Blogster), or alternatively on Blogger (although I've yet to configure this site! ;-)).

Peace and Love,


PS Cindy, if you're reading this, then I'll contact you soon, Amigo.

I'm sorry, but I'm kinda busy @ the minute.

Bravo Two Zero, Over And Out!


Darius Torque said...

Hi Sydney,

New time reader, first time poster on your blog (yadda yadda etc).

Did the whole 'read through the archives thang'.

I love your style and wit, keep up the pithy comments.

Will be checking in regular like.

Have you thought that perhaps some of those 'negative comments' were put up because your not like 220 kilo's plus???

I think your stunning!


PS Your word verification is 'mhzam', do you exclaim 'mhzam!!!' when you listen to your President try to explain the Federal response to Katrina??

Porkchop said...

You know, your job sounds like would provide you with oodles of opportunities for guys with sick, twisted fantasies to try and scam on you.

I mean, I get guys who want to screw me in the back of their new car, but what do you get? Men who want to have sex in 40,000 pounds of chicken?

This could definately make for some interesting stories.

Sydney said...

Yes well porkchop. That is. So. True.

Sydney said...

Darius, When at all possible I try not to listen to "our" President.

Especially when eating.

Because... I used to live in Texas. And he doesn't get any smarter up close.