Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Tale of Two Blogs

So... I originally came here because I was having some you know,
issues, back at home on the range on my original blog:

Blah Blah Blog... by again... ObliqueOne

I wasn't feeling creative the day I started it, hence the title. Ok,
so I was feeling really uncreative. What about it? Anyway, so I
left. You know, stopped writing there. Came to blogspot. Started
a blog. I like it here. Not only are there lots of cool blogs out here
but I can - well if I was creative I could - futz about with my own
html here. And blogspot uses the standard blogging format. Un-
fortunately, blogster doesn't.

Last week, things were resolved at blogster, at least in terms of
my issues there. But I found that I couldn't and didn't want to
give this blog up. Nice people and the ability to more or less do
my own thing here reeled me in. So since then, I've been here.
And there. But I will not be leaving here. So I'll do both. Which
is fine. I have more blathering to do than is possibly fair to ex-
pect any one group of people to read.

So anyway, blogster was purchased on ebay initially and was
grown into a community of bloggers. By Arthur, affectionately
(most of the time) known as the Chief Blogster. We were a dif-
ficult group to keep in line I'm sure.

Two or three days ago, Arthur sold Blogster. For an undisclosed
amount. Its not, by the way, his only gig. Never was. But con-
gratulations and I'll miss you, Arthur. You know. In a weird sort
of way ;)


p.s. You guys here may wonder - why is she telling US about this?
Well duh! I have to talk about it somewhere, and I can't tell the
folks at blogster because... they ALREADY KNOW. And there
you have it.


Cindy said...

So she talked her friend, mentalhealthrn into visiting this blogspot and she also liked it and followed suit! :-)

Sydney said...

That's right!

dave said...

So you resolved your issues with Blogster? That's a bit of a surprise -- it sounded like there were A LOT of issues.

Sydney said...

Let me clarify. A particular individual there and I have resolved our differences. In general, I believe most people there have decided not to partake in battles with one another, but to blog about the things important to them. And there you have it.

Denise said...

Battles? What battles? I don't know what you're talking about. Blogster is the MOST peaceful site on the internet! (did you pick up any sarcastic vibes?) LOL

Sydney said...

Hey There, Welcome to Blogspot - I think you'll like some of the amenities and people here, this can be a neat site, and it interfaces with all of the other blogsites.

Ranger Tom said...

I'm kinda glad you're sticking around here...

Denise said...

This place is OK. I'm trying it out just in case I don't like the changes at Blogster. have you read my blog yet? Do you know how I am yet?

Sydney said...

yes D, I know who you are, don't be silly. Hence my email. Look in your box.

Denise said...

I wrote about case you haven't already read it. Fairy tales have great endings, don't they?