Thursday, September 01, 2005

So Is Anyone Else Too Stupid

To Get Through The Spam Blocks?

Ok, so I don't know if its my eyesight, or... the old english font
or what. But frequently when I try to post a comment on a
fellow bloggers webpage and they have the spamblocker filter
enabled? You know, the one that makes you recognize and
type in a certain sequence of letters prior to posting your com-
ment? I umm... FAIL. I fail big. As in utterly. Terribly. As
in, your are a miserable little spammy failure, you are! The
little spamblocker hoohaw says HA! I spit on you and your futile
attempts to post a comment on this blog! You sorry comment
posting putz!

It is gleeful in its mocking of my inability to post. I know it is.
I SWEAR I'M NOT. I, Sydney, will write a brilliant and subtle
response to a fellow blogger's narrative. I can say this only be-
cause such verbiage on my part has never been read. It has
never been allowed through. Instead, I am confronted with
symbols written in flaming blood, and not only that, but also in
that text known as Ye Olde English. Text that is both difficult to
read and impossible to replicate. Text that takes 100 years of
tutelage under the guidance of a strict German dominatrix or
failing that, the blood of a newborn baby miniature poodle on the
6th Sunday of the month in order to match said script and post
a response without difficulty.

I have toyed with the idea of borrowing the neighbors toy dog, for
I think it WOULD fit the bill exactly, but she she saw the syringe
hidden behind my back, and alarmed, she has locked the door and
called the police. She does not wish to be generous with her poodle.
Not for all of the brilliant spam-free comments in the world. So now
I am at an impasse and must post each response two, three and
sometimes up to four time before it will go through. As here in
smalltown Alabama, German dominatrices do not abound and Ye
Olde English is not becoming any easier to read. But for you, dear
reader, I will struggle through. I will post and re-post my comments.
All for you.


Jerry Simpson said...

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Sydney said...

ROFL! Ok, its funny when you get a spam blog on a blog about spam.

Belinda said...

Me too--it's the dang q's and g's that get me every time. I hated enabling the word prompt, but I had to.

Oh, and you just stay away from my poodles.

Ranger Tom said...

That's exactly why I have it on my blog...

To drive you insane!

No, the Goddamn spam was driving me nuts!

Cade said...

You are not alone Sydney. The same thing happens to me. Before I"piblish" my post I copy the entire comment in case I muck up the word verification. That way if I do I can paste my comment in the box and not have to deal with the full-on aggravation.

Sydney said...

LMAO off at Belinda. I was just kidding about the poodles. My neighbors are way too inbred to have anything as classy and sophisticate as poodles...

Carla said...

Well, from someone who does have those letters on my comment section, I thank you for your persistence! :-)

I just had so many of those damn spam comments that I got fed up with it!

dave said...

I have the same problem. I think something is wrong with our perceptual filters.