Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ok, So Chicken Is Going Higher

We got an item from the University of Mississippi that said that 80%
of the chicken houses in Mississippi have been destroyed due to the
hurricane. Most of the baby chicks were also destroyed and even if
they hadn't been, there weren't any houses in which to raise them,
there isn't a lot of gas to run generators for the houses, etc.

Which all means, chicken are going up. Pricewise. Boneless Chicken
Breasts went up three cents yesterdy. And that's it for this morning's
agricultural report. Don't say you can't get one stop shopping for hy-
mens and chicken boobies all in the same place.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Sydney! SYDNEY! It is I. Lol. Well, HELP ME!!!!!!

You said that Dylan went to a Montesorri pre-school? Can you tell me ALL about that little adventure. Like, as much as you can remember. ANY DETAIL. Lol.

I have to do a report on them...Lol! ~Meagan

mrshife said...

I saw that someone has a thing for Lewis Black. So I assume you watch The Daily Show then so you can get your Lewis Black fix once a week. He is most certainly one funny dude.

Sydney said...

HI Meaggie, I'll email your blogster email when I get home. Syd