Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ranger Tom's Quiz

Seven things you plan to do before you die

1. Write a book
2. Clean my house. I mean, by myself, as opposed to begging
other people to do it and then paying them. Oh fuck it. Life's
too short. Scratch that one. I'll keep paying.
2. Wake up on time. Oh fuck it, Again, life's too short.
3. Enhance my ummm... top shelf... I've always wanted a really
stellar rack.
4. Visit every country in the world at least once (So far I've only
been to the US, Canada and Mexico so I've got a fair amount to
5. Learn several languages well, Spanish and French much much
much better, and learn Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Just be-
cause I think it would be cool to know them.
6. Visit the remaining states in the U.S. that I haven't seen (not
too many of those to go)
7. Stick pins in my child until he gives me grandchildren (he's only
17 1/2, so I'll give him 6-8 years or so before I expect anything
along those lines.
8. Spend the night at the Myrtles plantation in Louisiana (its
haunted you know.)
9. Become more organized. This wouldn't take much. I mean,
ANY steps towards this end would be better than nothing.

Seven things you can do

1. Shoot a gun well (hey, I'm from Texas)
2. Convince people that it really WOULD be easier to do things
my way.
3. Say what I mean and mean what I say
4. Raise a kid
5. Tell the truth. Ok wait, I think I covered that on 3.
6. Sell stuff
7. Read. I read really really fast, and its one of my favorite things
to do.
8. Empathize. Sometimes I do this a little bit too well.

Seven things you can't do

1. Let things go when I should.
2. Refrain from "taking things personally." (Whatever the hell
THAT means.)
3. Realize that not EVERYTHING, (say, the mideast peace
crisis for example), is my fault.
4. Bob for apples and actually come up with said object.
5. Stop being a perfectionist.
6. Have a boyfriend for longer than a year at a time without
fucking it up.
7. Swim with sharks without getting hurt.

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex

1. Intelligence
2. Humor
3. Self Confidence
4. Ambition
5. Zaniness
6. Kindness
7. Similarities or Affinity

Seven things you say most

1. And there you have it
2. So here's the deal (a la H. Ross Perot)
3. So the fuck what
4. I don't give a shit
5. What the fuck?
6. How the hell? (You'll note that this is very closely akin
to "What the fuck?")
7. And there it is (Also close to "And there you have it."

(Yeah, so I do a lot of fucking repeats, so sue me)

Seven people you want to take this quiz...
Ok, I took the quiz, so beyond that, I don't give a shit who
else takes it. So there, fuck it. Oh yeah, add that to the last
one, that's another thing I say, FUCK IT. Oh and another one,
"So There." "Go Figure." And, "I don't give a shit." And there
you have it.


Sydney said...

LOL I just came up with some other things I say that I didn't realize I say, "Go Figure," "Apparently," and, "So anyway."

AdSenseGuy said...

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RazarLazer said...

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Ranger Tom said...

Wanting grandkids? Sheesh...


Cade said...

*applauds* HaHa. Brilliant, Suydney. I think you fucking curse way the fuck more than even I fucking do.

MisterMoff said...

The "Seven things you say most." cracked me the hell up. That's hysterical!

JaG said...

Nice meme. Must say I like your picture even better.

dave said...

You not only read a lot, you seem to write a lot too. What's your opinion on Smileys? I'm sure you must have one :)

Sydney said...

Umm... Use, don't use em, I don't care ;)