Sunday, September 04, 2005


F - Federal
E - Egregious
M - Mismanagement
A - Agency

Maybe its time for an overhaul from the top down.
Our tax dollars at waste. Bumbling bureaucracy at its
finest. Does the word "EMERGENCY" mean anything
to you people? How about terms like hurry up, can't
wait, need help yesterday? Any of this ringing a bell?

If there are thousands of bodies out there of people
who were waiting to be rescued, then I have one big
question. Why? Where were you FEMA? Where were
you government? This has been going on for over a
week. Why didn't you mobilize the troops to search
and rescue for these folks sooner? Why are you just
NOW going out to hunt for survivors.

Just a hint, evacuating the superdome and convention
center in New Orleans and searching for suvivors in
rural Mississippi and Lousiana are NOT mutually ex-
clusive activities. Just in case that escaped your atten-
tion. Why is it that we are hearing from Sheriff's Depart-
ments on the news that they have had no assistance from
anyone as of yet to search for any survivors in their coun-
ties? I am angry and I have just one question.



panthergirl said...

Hey Sydney...thanks for stopping by! I just read about you in your sidebar and I like you already. (Ok, so it's because you kind of remind me of me, only younger. ;) )

Glad you found me. I'll certainly be sticking around here and reading some more...

sCruuw said...

A question I been asking too! WTF???

dreamgurl said...

It's shameful. I'm also annoyed with the media for glossing over the devestation in Mississippi and Alabama. Oh, and I'm glad that FEMA feels that the damage from Katrina in Florida when it was "only" a catergory one doesn't warrant any aid.

sigh. Sometimes I think I should move to North Dakota and become a hermit...

PJ said...

Hmmm. Let's see. Now who is in charge of FEMA? Who oversees the people in charge of FEMA? Oh yea. the President.