Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What the fuck? You know, every once in a while something hap-
pens that just makes you SO glad you made a certain decision.
Like oh... say - changing BLOGSITES. Today's been one of those
days. Sorry Cindy. Maybe I shouldn't post links to anymore of
my friends on my blog if they post a new blog on blogspot. It
appears that some of my less friendly readers - you know, one
or two individuals who were definitely NOT fans, have found me
from my old blogsite and get information off of my blog.


dreamgurl said...

so you have blog stalkers?? Wacky shit!

Carla said...

Oh. My. God.

WTF do these people have against you?

I mean, I read one of your earlier posts here that talked about the photo you posted at your other blog, but my god... these people will hunt you down because of that nonsense.

How lame. And how sad it must be to lack that much of a life!

Sydney said...

A number of issues were mentioned, I think I covered them all in my previous post. But chief among them CERTAINLY seemed to be the thong photos. Posing in thongs was NOT a popular decision amongst some of the female bloggers. Which still kind of surprises me actually. In this day and age. I mean, I can say that it surprises me because I'm not married, I'm of legal age, I don't have any young children (in fact my only child is months shy from being 18). But even barring those things, it surprises me because its my body and my right to do what I want and would have thought that women, first and foremost, would have respected that. Besides, its a fucking thong! I wasn't NAKED.

grumpy said...

Just a old friend saying hi


PJ said...

Holy crapola! I think I know who it is. I don't think she has been on my blog has she? Darnit. If I see her I will kick her ass pronto. I don't want her here either. You did not do anything wrong and all it was is pure jealousy on her part and a couple others I can think of. Sorry Syd.

The Scarlett said...

You have stalkers??? Because of thong photos? I mean, personally I'd probably not pose in a thong on my blog but I wouldn't hold it against someone that did ... and I sure wouldn't stalk them. The best way to deal with a blog that you don't like is to quit reading it.

They must have just enjoyed hating you which says a lot more about them that it does about you, if you ask me.

Blogdreamz said...

I am coming to stalk you about your thongs! LOL! Shit, if I had a body like that (please note-I use to have that kind of body) I would have posted a picture.

Hey, I figured out what that blog this meant. It is to subscribe to a blog. Now, to figure out more stuff like adding friends. Grrr!

Sydney said...

Hi Grumpy! LiberallikeJesus stopped by the other day and I couldn't believe it! I haven't seen him in FOREVER! Its great to see you! I hope the lovely Linda is doing well too :)

PJ, Cindy got attacked back at blogster for her last blog here - after I announced her presence here on my blog and put a link to it on my page. And I feel badly because MOST people at blogster are wonderful people but I just don't want to deal with the very few who aren't everytime I blog. And I have all of these pleas on my old blog to come back but I don't blog to be stressed out and that's how it would be if I went back there.

PJ said...

I know what you mean. I have been in contact with a few from there, but not many. The ones I really liked have come here to visit and it would be nice if they would stay. I am so sorry for Cindy, but you know you should be able to link to your friends blogs and not worry about garbage. At least here you can delete their comments, which I like.

Sydney said...

I'll tell ya, I DO love that delete button! So far I've only used it for spam, but if I do get any nasty interlopers from the old country... CLICK CLICK CLICK And then equilibrium is once again maintained... LOL

And I have added some blogster blogs to my link, and I go back read the people I like ;) And they visit me here sometimes so...

MisterMoff said... have stalker trash. Those miserable little trolls love to attempt to spread their misery.

Sydney said...

Hi Momoff! I just hate that Cindy got unwittingly caught up in it.