Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Friend TJ Just Loves

Nancy Grace. That is... he would love to ballgag Nancy Grace and
ride her like a cowboy while he spanks her ass. And THAT my
friends is something I would pay to watch.

Because I think Nancy Grace is the biggest hack journalist, the
hugest drama queen hosting an hour long legal "information"
show, did I mention that she was reprimanded by the bar when
she was actually practicing law? She was. But of course, I watch
her. Each and every night. Why? I don't know.

Maybe its because only Nancy Grace can look straight into the
eyes of a man whose only daughter has been found dead after
being snatched from her home in the middle of the night, raped
and then buried alive by the scuzziest pedophile on the planet,
fake the faintest hint of a sob in the back of her throat and have
the gall to ask him to talk to the entire United States about an
event that should remain very private until and unless such time
as the case goes to trial. And then when he finishes say, "Thank
you friend."

Maybe its because she is the only person in the nation to call
Mississippi and Louisiana the "Southland," and to do it for
two straight weeks in a row with no current signs of abaiting.
Maybe its because she can get respected journalists (not to men-
tion Syd's favorite hottie) like Anderson Cooper to appear on her

Or maybe I'm just hoping that one of these days TJ will actually
crash the set on live television, ballgag her, and ride her like a


Carla said...

Just when you think it's safe to turn off the spam verification...


It's the return of unwanted comments!


Sydney said...

Fuck, I KNOW! LOL, now I remove about 2 or 3 of those a day.

dreamgurl said...

Ooooo, Anderson Cooper is so distinguished. I love those eyes!

PJ said...

I can't say I love Nancy, but I can't stop watching her either. She has a way with looking at a person and probing questions. I mean no one gets away with anything with her interviewing. I would love to see her interview Bush sometime.

mrshife said...

I don't watch Nancy Grace but I would definitely TiVo her getting ball gagged and spanked on her Southern bottom.

Sydney said...

Ahhhh Mr. Shife, a man after my own heart...

DGS1234 said...

If I win the Lotto Friday, I'm going to have an Anderson Cooper makeover. (It's a BIG payouT!). THEN I'll get my spurs sharpened for Nancy.DGS