Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saving UP

So I saved up everything I needed to do this weekend for today.
Then my son Dylan popped himself in the eye (umm, not really in
the eye - that would have been way bad - but near the eye) with
a power cord and cut his cheek open and we just got back from
the ER. Him with stitches. Err... stitch. Or two. And they said,
you can come back to get it taken out in five days or so. Right.
We'll be doing THAT little operation at home.

So anyway... Now I have to finish cleaning the house, do a project
for work, write a legal letter for my sister, do laundry, and any
number of other things TONIGHT. Why? Because I did what I
always do. Saved up. But not in the good way implying that I
somehow multiplied my funds or something of that nature. No,
I procrastinated. Saved up my misery. That's right. Saved up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Syd, so this is where you hang out while you are away from us,lol. If you don't mind my saying so, I don't like this site, it's too confusing and I feel boxed-in, (you know me, allways gotta bitch about something, ha ha) Hope you come back home, or just keep your foot in both camps, so to speak....well I won't write ya a book..take care, hugz linda

dave said...

Hi Syd.


Been saving up all week and now i am payng the piper.


Sydney said...

Hi Dave! By the way, I had no idea how FAMOUS you are Dave, I saw this article the other day online where you were INTERVIEWED. I was just minding my own business, looking for powerpoint schtuff for a business presentation and who do I see but the great guru DAVE GRAY, my blog buddy, being interviewed.

This is me, bowing to you.

p.s. Saving up? tsk tsk, I thought YOU of all people, were more organized than that! LOL

Blogdreamz said...

He probably did that on purpose so he wouldn't have to clean. You know how kids are.

Sydney said...

Damn Susan, You are probably right! LOL

As it is, he has to get up and go to the freakin bus barn at 5:30 to get his hatbox. uggh!

dave said...

Little did you know how lucky you are to be in my inner circle :)

Sydney said...


Ranger Tom said...

Two stiches? That all? I got a bullet in my groin when I was 17...

Hope he's better soon!

Sydney said...

Damn Tom! Yeah, he wasn't very impressed with the stitches either. But I was freaked out by the fact that he could easily have popped himsel in the eye.

Cindy said...

Syd, I've been washing off and on all weekend, and there are still baskets in the laundry room. I think it's probably time to bag up and give away clothes. NO ONE person should have as many shirts and pants as these boys do!

Ann said...

I am a HUGE procratinator...right now I am going through PA...procrastinator's anonymous. The first step is just bothering to show up. That part's always difficult. Seriously, these days I just try to do a little at a time, and before I know it, most of my work is actually done. No fuss, no panic attack, it's already ready.

Nit Wit said...

My first thought ever day is: what can I put off til tomorrow? Tonight I did 3 loads of laundry washed twice because my dryer works at half the speed of wash. I would have liked to do nothing,(my back has been in spasems for 3 days) but the boss needed clean uniforms at 4:00Am. She works in a prison and makes more than me so I try to help. Only other thing I had to do was consume beer and watch movies and comedy routines while sitting on my heating pad. God I need to hide my keyboard. :)