Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another Thing

The entire deal with the thong photos was this: The owner of blog-
ster made up some blogster paraphenalia and put it up for sale at
whatever that place is - Cybercafe? Cafepress? One of the items
was thongs with the blogster logo on them. He put up a challenge
that if anyone would buy the thongs and then submit a photo of
themselves in these official blogster thongs, they would get their
money back. So I mostly did it on a lark because I had never done
anything like that before, nobody thought I would follow through,
and I thought it would be fun. Which it was. Very freeing in a
weird sort of way to conquer all of the fears that I had about my
body and my thighs and my butt and whether or not they are too
wide, and what other people would think, and my fears about other
people SEEING my body in just thongs and the blogster camisole.
And wondering if they would stone me, or laugh me out of the
place, or what. So the entire thing was a good experience for me
until the problems began last month.


mrshife said...

Entirely off the subject, but the love of your life, Lewis Black, was back on The Daily Show last night.

Ranger Tom said...

Some people just don't have a fucking sense of humor.

Fuck them if they can't take the joke.

I'm behind ya, Syd!

Anonymous said...

Nobody hates Syd, she just plays the 'Innocent and battered poor me' character so well. She is a fucking drama queen. Aren't you Syd? I for one am fucking glad you're gone. Hopefully they embrace your BS here better than they did at Blogster.

Sydney said...

Oh I see, so is this a bon voyage of sorts? And if so, why are you remaining anonymous? You are one of the only ones who had a problem with me at blogster but the very vocal two or three are hateful enough to keep me from coming back. But since I AM gone, why the hell are you HERE?

MXV said...

I dont' understand all this stuff, what did I miss? You got kicked off some site? And where was this photo?

Sydney said...

LOL - No MVX, I left blogster - because of some difficulties I was having with an extremely small number of other bloggers, led by one in particular. It just made blogging there stressful, and not much fun any longer, so I felt it was time for a change.

Sydney said...

oh, and I still have at least one of the photos up on my old site if you follow that link and then click on photos when you get to my blog. But no, I was definitely NOT asked to leave. In fact, the site owner wasnt me to stay. In fact, begged me to stay. But I didn't want to after the hateful things that were said about me. And contrary to Ms. Anonymous, they were quite hateful.

Anonymous said...

Bull shit. He in fact said RIP to you. Begged you stay my ass. Fucking liar!

Anonymous said...

Syds panties in a bunch or not really do not sway me.

Syd is gone ... RIP.
comment by chiefblogster at: 8/24/2005 8:58:00 PM

Ranger Tom said...

All I have to say about anonymous...

Didn't we all leave highschool a few years ago?

You sound like my goddamn ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

Your ex-wife? Sorry to inform you of this, Buddy, but I am not a woman.

Carla said...

So, Syd, when are ya gonna start deleting comments from the annonymous assholes? :-)

Ranger Tom said...

So, instead of a sophomoric, petty juvenile woman, you're a sophomoric, petty and juvenile man?

Get a goddamn life and leave the woman alone.

grumpy said...

As far as I know, there are a bunch that would welcome you back any time you want to stop by and visit. You know your always welcome at my place. Be good and have fun. You might see me bloging here soon. Not giving up the other site, just having fun

Anonymous said...

Hi, Syd,

How's it going, sweetheart, I've finally managed to catch up with you @ last, my friend.

I'll speak to you later, when I've signed-up! ;-)

Peace and Love,


Anonymous said...

Hey, Syd,

You've got the backing of Blogster's 'alpha-dominent', male, sweetheart, i.e. Utopia, so just forget all the shit that went on over there and continue to enjoy yourself, my friend!

Peace and Love,

Steve/Utopia! ;-)

Sydney said...

Hi Utopia, welcome to blogspot!

Sydney said...

Actually, he did ask me to stay. I have the emails, and the IM's. Now - enough of this. And back to blogging.

Nit Wit said...

Gee Syd I did miss a lot before you left, but I think that anyone who has to resort to attacking people and hounding them have no idea what being human is about. I've been lucky so far, people disagree with the stupid things I write, but not the way you and others are attacked. I have only gotten one E-mail over there and it was a pleasant supprise.
Enjoying your blogs still.

skaterocker13 said...

wtf is they cant look at a pretty women in a thog they are really fucked up.

Cindy said...

Jealousy and the green eyed monster...when they follow you around like that and leave comments, it only validates your point. Let em write, folks need to see this harrassment you continue to get. Hang in there Syd