Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Having Not Slept

More than two hours night before last - you know, being worried
that Dylan wouldn't wake up in time to make it to the bus barn to
get his hatbox - I went to bed at 6:30 or so last night. Couldn't
sleep. Took a half an ambien. Couldn't sleep. Took a whole am-
bien. Couldn't sleep. Talked to friends. Finally fell asleep.

Was awakened by my friend's son. He's about my age. He weighs,
at last count, somewhere in the neighborhoood of 300 lbs and is a
policeman at a very very very small neighboring city. That is to
say, town. That is to say, a town EVEN SMALLER THAN OURS.
(A town even smaller than our is a very small town indeed.)
Because he has washed out of both the police department and sher-
riff's department here. First a shooting at the police department, of
suspicious circumstances.

Although, my friend does not think so, and I do not comment in
front of her out of respect. (Really, Ranger Tom, THIS ONE WAS A
BAD SHOOTING and they fired the right officer, HIM. My friend's
son.) So anyway, the other thing is. He has five kids. He pays child
support for two, the other three, from his first marriage, he left his
parents to raise for most of their lives while both he and his first
wife went their separate ways, lived elsewhere, and did not offer
financial support. So anyway, I don't have a huge amount of respect
for the guy. Now his mother, the one who raised his first three kids,
is a good friend of mine.

We have had a couple of words about how I feel she doesn't take
good enough care of herself, trying to care for three grandchildren
with her husband, on their limited income without the financial or
physical support of either parent. I worry about her, because both
she and her husband have health problems. I do have to say, her
grandkids WERE better off with her. Apparently, her son has
recently moved back in with her. Good. He can help with the kids.
You know. His kids. So anyway, he called and woke me up at 8:30,
(not really his fault as it is considered polite to call anyone after
10am and before 10pm unless expressly asked not to do so, or un-
less a restraining order is in place) and I answered, drugged on
ambien, and our conversation went as follows:

Hi, Sydney - I'm trying to set up a wireless internet for my mom
I didn't wake you did I? You sound a little weird?

Me? Oh - no, I umm, no, it couldn't be, it was just umm, just a min-
ute. A wireless system? At your mom's? Walmart? No no, not

Yeah, he said I needed three different pieces of equipment but I'm
just trying to hook up these two computers and I...

(Never one to let ANYONE complete an entire sentence awake
or asleep you ARE going to notice me interject a lot. It's one of my
tackier character flaws - you'd think I'd grown up in New York or
something, and by that I do mean the city, not the state - particu-
larly the upper portion of the state where people are oh so gen-
teel.) Listen, you don't need three pieces of equipment, to buy I
mean. All you need to buy are a wireless router and a card for the
computer that is away from the cable modem, you know, the one

I'm sorry? Our cable modem IS upstairs! The computer that's a-
way from it is downstairs!

(Of course, how silly of me to forget that everyone's house isn't
wired just like mine)
Right. Of course, but anyway, same thing.
Just the other way around. Anyway, you just need those two
pieces of equipment. Be sure the wireless router has room for
a hard line to go to the one computer that's right next to your
cable modem.

But what about the hub that charter gave us?

Charter gave you a hub? Really? In addition to your modem?
(For a moment was thinking - even through the ambien - that all of
the planets had come un-aligned and charter was not a "for profit"
company after all. The world as I knew it threatened to teeter on a
precipice. See, Charter would NEVER GIVE you a HUB. They don't
like to even think about you USING a hub. If you happen to MEN-
TION that you are using a hub when you are talking to them, they
close their eyes and think about baseball. In their minds every
customer hooks up with one computer and buys a new connection
for each new computer. That's how they make money. Now the
guys that come out to your house to hook you up? They know you
use a router to hook up all of your computers. But then, they don't
really care. They don't really work for Charter. They're con-
tracted employees.)

Oh. No, I guess its a modem after all.

Ok... Well, you are GOING TO NEED THAT. Its what brings the
internet into your computers. From there, the line goes into the
wireless router, then, one line goes into the one computer and the
computer on the other floor receives the connection in a wireless
manner. Got it?

But... There is only space for that cable cord going into the cable
modem, not coming out of it.

Umm... Lets go over this again because I think I probably havent
been communicating very well... (ambien) The cable cord comes
out of the wall. It goes into the cable modem charter gave you.
You take the computer cord, not a cable line, from the cable modem
to the wireless router. From there, you will run another computer
line from the wireless router to the computer nearest the cable
modem. On the computer downstairs, you will install the wireless
card, or plug a receiver into the usb port dependent upon what
type you buy, and... voila! You're hooked up!

Ok, well, how much do those components cost.

(What am I now, mysimon?) I don't know, probably around 70
bucks for the wireless router and 30 or so for the card if you buy
the kind you install in the desktop and 5o bucks or more if you buy
the external type that you plug into the USB port. If you wait and
go to radio shack you might get a better price although the super
walmart did have several brands last time I looked.

And you're sure I only need those two parts cuz the guy at Wal-
Mart said I needed three.

Ok well, you have to decide whether you trust me, or some guy
working at walmart who hasn't already fixed your mom's compu-
ter 5000 times.

Oh, yeah... true. Well, thanks.

No probem, night.


Ranger Tom said...

Ambien is for pussies...

I got the real good stuff from my doctor. On the bottle it says "may induce drowsiness" What is should say is "Don't make any fucking plans". Take one of the little white pills my doc gave me and a thermonuclear detontaton won't wake you...

Anyway, I really understand where you're comming from. Just because I was a cop, doesn't mean I'll defend a bad cop in a bad shooting...

I've run my piehole enough, hope you got some sleep!

Sydney said...

Yep, I slept all the way through to 7:15 this morning! Oh, and then got a speeding ticket on the way to work. From a very nice cop who kept saying, you're such a nice girl, I hate to do this, you can take defensive driving. Really, you can take defensive driving.

coloradohurricane said...

Don't feel bad. I drive a red camaro and cops always go out of their way to pull me over and give me some sort of ticket. Need to paint the car, I guess.

Nit Wit said...

Almost everybody I Know on blog sites is having problems with sleep. I've had it all my life. Nowadays as an old fogey I seem to get insomnia really bad twice a year. Spring and Fall when the weather starts to change. Did Dylan get his hat OK? My son hasn't gotten one yet 3 weeks in high school, but he plays Tuba and Susaphone. He plays trombone too and wants to learn the drums. His band Nazi's want him to raise 300.00 to go to France this year. Right. He just wants to play music. He gave up football to stay with it. but he has no intrest in travel. Gee Sorry My fingers just won't stop tonight.

Sydney said...

See, Dylan is the opposite. He really has very little interest in playing the instruments. He likes the travel and the girls in the color guard.

AndyT13 said...

Wow. Bad ambien, no workee.
Bad cop, no donut. Dumb cop, no wireless. Good son, chases color guard girls. Good Syd, helps dumb bad cop build good wireless system for (should be) sainted mother.
That is all,

doug said...

Marching Band was great because of the social aspect---it's funny I say that because I was/am rather shy. The music was good, but hanging out with my geeky band friends was the best.

AndyT13 said...

"And this one time at band camp..."
Being appointed the lead snare drummer in freshman year really pissed off the seniors. They gave me a lot of shit for it but you know what? I could read music better'n any of 'em, so fuck 'em. :-) Good time, good times.

Sydney said...

Dylan LOVES being in the band. Absolutely LOVES it.

Matt said...


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