Sunday, September 18, 2005

Getting "Uber" It

I umm... didn't know what the word "Uber" meant. By that, I
mean that I didn't know what the word uber meant until yester-
day. Now, obviously I wasn't eaten up with curiousity about this.
The meaning of the word "Uber." Else I would have looked it up.
I had some vague idea that it had something to do with sex. Why?
Because until proven differently, I hope that everything has some-
thing to do with sex.

Below is a long meandering and ultimately pointless story about
how I came to understand the meaning of the word uber. That
was my disclaimer. Don't say I didn't forewarn you. I have ADD.
Which means that my brain is animation incarnate from the mom-
ent I wake up until the moment my head hits the pillow at night.
I mean until the moment I fall asleep at night. Umm, come to think
of it, gee whiz, that just might be one of the reasons WHY I have
difficulty falling asleep at night.

Now my son, he has ADHD. That is to say, his body FOLLOWS
his brain into all of that activity. My body is much lazier than his.
We both take adderall 30 mg XR, a handy little medication, to slow
everything down enough so that we can attempt to do ten things at
once instead of a hundred (Tom Cruise be damned), and there you
have it.

So... All of that said, back to the "Uber" thing.

I was watching tv out of the corner of my eye whilst on the compu-
ter and I saw the promo for some new reality show where people
submit their inventions and the show actually produces, tests and
then markets the product. Immediately, I thought of some pro-
ducts I'd test if I had an opportunity like that including one I'd call
the "Uber Pond" - a little ready made landscape pond since people
seem to be so fond of water features these days.

And so this is how my brain works. Brain - huh. You better make
sure Uber doesn't have anything to do with sex. Then you'd be mar-
keting a sex pond (ok - remember this is already ridiculous because
I'M NOT MARKETING ANYTHING). So I look it up online. Uber
means "over" in German. In usage its used to mean something is
super or ultra, as in, "Dude, those jalapenos are uber hot!" or...

"Paris Hilton is an uber skank." or...

"Uber Ponds are uber stupid."


PJ said...

Hehehehe. I laughed at this one. Uber silly me. I know ADD I raised a daughter with it and it wasn't easy on her or me. She had a terrible time sleeping so we bought her a pair of headphones and she would listen to symphonic music every night and that would relax her enough to fall asleep. But she never slept more than a few hours at a time.

Ranger Tom said...

That's Uber Funny!

Sydney said...

Oh hell, actually I think that BECAUSE of the ADD Once I AM asleep I can sleep forever - I wear my brain out when I'm awake just trying to reign it in to think about one thing at a time. And Dylan has no problems falling asleep. And I never used to. Its this old age I'm telling you... LOL

mrshife said...

I wish they could make an uber beer or perhaps an uber adult diaper so I don't have to run off to the bathroom as much when I drink my uber beer. But that would probaly be uber gross. Oh well, uber and out.