Thursday, September 01, 2005

No Way!

So last night I went home, got in bed and just... slept.
And you won't fucking believe it! B.M., who by the way,
I've found is really M.B. (but that's just not nearly as
much fun in a blog) called adamngain while I was sleeping.
Ok, here's the deal. I will NEVER go out with this guy now.

First of all, he doesn't call me for three months after I first
give him my phone number. No problem with that. The
computer dating world is kind of like that. If you're dating
people trying to find your soulmate, you just may think
you've found him or her, so you go on hiatus from everyone
else for a while, dating wise. That's ok. Preferable actually.
Especially in a guy, you know?

What is not ok, is to keep fucking calling me, over and
over and over again after I tell you I have a headache
of several days duration and I will call you back. Be-
cause then it becomes like this weird battle of the wills
where I will be damned if I'm going to talk to your ass
because obviously, you, A. Don't respect my space, and
B. You can't follow even the simplest of directions, and
C. You just might turn out to be a creepy stalker type if
you're calling this many times before you've even fucking
met me. Because trust me, after you've met me? You'll
definitely be calling then.


dreamgurl said...

It's amazing how insecure men can be at times! Definitely an unattractive trait to show when trying to woo a woman. Wait til after the marriage. ;)

Ranger Tom said...

I'll admit, most guys are dense...