Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh Yes

Please know. That I write. And talk. Compulsively. Umm.
Like I do a lot of things. Yes. You can let your imagination wan-
der with that one. It is not, as I was once accused (and not by
one of you people here but I think I'm still just a little gunshy),
so that a lot of people will read me and I will get a lot of hits on
my site. If that were the case, I might make it a point to try to
write about things to which people would read and respond
(I'm actually smart enough that I could figure out which topics
are the most popular - duh). It is simply because I can and do
blather on about nothing at all at will. So anyway.

Where was I. Ok, that said, I am not going to hold back or feel
guilty about the number of posts I write, because after all, it is
my fucking blog. And although the number of posts may be ab-
normally large. PRODIGIOUS in number, in fact. I mean, I
may spout copious amounts of text and font on a daily basis
and I may post many many blogs saying absolutely nothing con-
structive or meaningful everytime you turn around, SO THE
FUCK WHAT. It fulfills some bizarre need in me to write about
whatever the hell it happens to be at the time. And to share it
with the damn world at large. And there you have it. By God.
Thank you. Now I feel better.


Ranger Tom said...

Isn't that the whole point of blogging?

Cindy said...

As Eddie Izzard would say, " Well said, well said indeed!"

Erotic said...

I do the same. Where ever my mood swings I blog.

The Scarlett said...

I draft more than I publish. I consider that insurance in case I get writer's block.

mrshife said...

Just let it all out and you feel so much better. Thanks for the link as well.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Go for it! I wish to mood would hit me more often lately, so you have it pretty good!

PJ said...

I thought the blog was for you and no one else. I mean yes, others read it, but it is your outlet and you write whatever makes you tick.

lisa said...

Post! Post away!!!

notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

Yep, that's why I blog...just to get stuff off my chest. Even if it's nothing big or exciting or important. Heh. Only difference is, I don't get very many hits or comments. Guess I am just not that appealing to some people!