Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Is Clinton The National Feel Good Guy?

Yes we all know that Clinton likes to cop a good feel.
Who can blame him. Ok, plenty of you can. But anyway.
Has he also become the national feel good guy? There's
just something about Clinton... Come on... You know I'm
right about this... He's kind of, well, soothing. In a
weird sort of way. When he's there, we feel like things
are under control. Especially in times of national crisis.

Like say, big fucking hurricanes that have swept away an
entire city and will ultimately reveal thousands of rotting
corpses when the flood waters receed. See now, that is a
horror almost beyond comprehension. Especially in the United
States. And I'm sorry, but Bush just can't handle this one
on his own. Not without trotting out the big guns. Like his
mom and dad. And... Clinton. Who has that certain... Je ne
c'est quois. After all, there was always something about
Clinton. The entire eight years he was in office. He may
have been tomcatting around. And well, lying about, in umm...
court. And all. But still, He had that voice. That southern
drawl. There was something about him on camera that made the
nation feel like everything would be ok. He was... the feel
good guy. Dr. O.K. Kind of mesmerizing. He would talk, and
we would all nod. Ok, Dr. O.K. We trusted him to take care
of us where it mattered. The economy. Matters on the home-
front. Things like this. Right now. And here he is. Dr.
Feel Good in Action. And I'm glad to see him.

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