Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Haunting

Oh YES, I forgot to report that in last week of February/First
week of March when I was losing my most important poten-
tial new account whilst hobbling around airports on a broken
foot, anemic as all get out on the epic week and a half long
string of trips I made from Ohio to California to Texas and
then back to Alabama again... (it's harder adjusting to the cul-
ture shock on the way back in than it is to the time zones by
the way)

Anyway, during that week, on one of the assorted airlines on
which I traveled, a male flight attendant said something to me
that used to be the absolute bane of my existence. Now that I
am getting umm... OLDER... I found that I was actually kind of
a little, well... sorta weirdly pleased to hear it. Are you ready?

He said, "I had Christina Applegate in first class last week, and
I'm sure you've heard this before, but Oh My God! You look
Just like her!"

Now see, there was a time when that used to bug the hell out
of me. I mean, she was the tart in Married with Children. I
didn't want to look like HER. Now that I just turned 39, I'm
pretty fucking happy that somebody still thinks I look like
the tart in Married with Children. Ok, granted, he thinks I
look like her now... but anyway.

See? It's all in how you look at things. I always tell people
that all they really need to do is slow down and get a little per-

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ok - So About Me

I mean, like in case you want to know or whatever. Let's see. I've
been as usual, high on lifedrugs. Albeit legal drugs. Re-
lated, of course, to my most recent surgery.

As it happens, my brilliant doc made me go off of procrit for six
weeks as an experiment (read - passive aggressive punishment)
and much as I predicted, my red blood count plummeted to trans-
fusion levels.

This became embarrassing to him because I was due up for the
LAST two (hopefully) surgeries that I need. That we know of
at any rate. So... he let me go back on them about three weeks
ago and I had the first surgery - a repair on my deviated septum
along with turbinate repairs. I can already tell a HUGE difference
in my breathing and I am guardedly hopeful that it may help with
my migraines. Which would then leave me with having to break
a rather long and err.... embedded narcotics habit. But worth it,
doncha think?

Ok, so I am two weeks post-op. In about another two weeks I'll
have a hernia repair. (They let me go ahead with the septoplasty
because one loses very little blood during this type of surgery).
In another couple of weeks I should have rebuilt my red blood
cell supply on procrit. I also have plans to see a really good hema-
tologist at UAB in Birminingham. So there you have it. My medi-
cal life.

In the interim, I have been flying all over God and everywhere
selling chicken. There have been some great sales this year, how-
ever, that is tempered by losses we are still facing from last year's
bad buys and huge inventories. In other words, my finances are
still in, you know, less than happy shape. Hence my absence from
the blog. I've been sick, tired and working.

I am happy to report that on my liver, I only have to repeat the
catscan to confirm that the masses (there are three) haven't
grown. If they haven't, then I have a benign condition for which
I will not need further surgery and which will not cause me health
problems. I should have that done in the next month or so.

Dylan is at his junior prom tonight and he looked very handsome.
He is such a great kid. Hopefully, he'll get a job soon. He needs to
start paying some of his insurance. He's an expensive kid. LOL
He is a great kid though. A very great kid.

So that's it. Consider yourselves UPDATED. ;) And there you
have it.

Ok, So I HAD to Post This

Because its just SO DAMN CUTE!

I mean, if you like hamsters, like I like hamsters... (you kind of
have to sing that first line like a show tune and imagine people
dancing to it) and no, I'm not inferring anything about liking
them in that gerbiling kind of sense.

That's just... well... umm... hamster cruelty. And yes, you heard
that coming from me, ladies and gentlemen, the girl who eats
lamb and veal wantonly and with great abandon. And possibly
in the middle of orgies, although THAT I can assure you is just
an unconfirmed rumor begun my detractors and has absolutely
very little if any basis in the truth and never did.

Enough with the blathering and on with the cute-as-pie, estrogen
inducing, ovary follicle readying video clip:

The Hamster/Cookie Video

Mini-Cruiser Alert

So apparently we're about to be faced with the arrival of Tom's

Think Katie can handle the Silent Birth?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ok, So I was Like

or rather, I am like - watching this special on country music. And
I was just realizing that country music fans are SUPER conserva-
tive. I mean, you can really get in trouble as a country Artist -
especially as a FEMALE country artist (for of course, that is what
the special is ABOUT - female country artists, and the complete
raw fucking deal they've gotten over the years, all of you male
bastards out there. Yep. I'll bet you had no idea you were keep-
ing the female crooners down did ya? Well shame on you! Say
500 Hail Mary's. I mean right now! I don't care that you're Jew-
ish, do it anyway!) Just kidding.

Anyway. Seriously. I had nooooooooo fucking idea that the en-
tire system of country music and radio stations and fan bases and
whatnot was so insular and incredibley backwards. It's really bi-
zarre. It's like having to watch the country elect Bush 100 times
in a row or something. Awww... don't get mad now Benny, but he
is REALLY DOWN in the polls and you know it. Ok, enough about
that. It is actually kind of an interesting little special on A&E. It's
called - are you ready for this?

Hairdo's & Heartaches

What? It IS! But actually, I really admire the women of country
music. They all seem really... I don't know. Tough. And not many
of them die of heroin overdoses, which is always sort of a plus, not
to mention a damn site better than you can say for the women of

Anyway, you can really get in trouble for saying or doing or even
for recording the wrong thing. Apparently, one woman recorded
a song called Unwed Fathers or something like that in the 80's
and radio stations refused to play it. Another woman recorded a
song about dating younger men and country radio stations refused
to play it. They were both deemed "too controversial."