Thursday, September 08, 2005

I have SO Screwed Up!

I have been so out of it the past two or three weeks, more than
that really. I'd like to blame it on the headache I had recently,
but its been going on longer than that even. Anyway, I have real-
ly procrastinated on turning in my last commission and expense
report. Such that I didn't get them turned into my boss until to-
night after work. So of course, he won't see them until tomorrow.
I doubt seriously that there is any way my boss will cut me the
checks for them tomorrow. And due to a series of things that I
have had to pay out money for recently, I am very very close
to being overdrawn because I have totally not been paying
attention to my cash flow.

Uggh! So now, I am going to have to ask my grandmother to
loan me some money until next week unless for some reason my
boss is just in an uncommonly good mood tomorrow or something.
I mean, not like he's usually in a bad mood. He would just prefer
it if we didn't give him invoices and demand a check immediately
without giving him a reasonable amount of time to go over the
paperwork. And honestly, this is something I should have given
to him the first week of August! I don't know where my head has
been. It really seems like for almost a month now I've been walk-
ing around in a veritable daze. Practically certifiable. Today was
the first time in a long time that I felt like I had my shit together

And that was no fun because it just illuminated for me all the things
that I have let go to seed while I've been walking around with my
head up my ass. But anyway, at least I know where the hell I am
now, even if I can see that I have a lot of things to take care of,
FAST. I'm hoping that I've sold five more loads of the chicken that
I have in the freezer. I'm supposed to hear about that in the morn-
ing. I'm also working on a big power point presentation for our
corporate office. Which is difficult, because we have absolutely NO
media with which to work (that's kind of the entire reason I have
to put the presentation together - to make it appear as though
we're the professional company we actually are).

So now I'm kind of anxious about getting everything done that I
need to get done. Its hard to believe that tomorrow's Friday.
Mostly because I missed yesterday and Monday was a holiday.
I was able to go to work today though and I'm sure I'll feel fine by
tomorrow. And thank GOD, there is no HOME GAME tomorrow
night, so I don't have to run the concession stand! YAYYYYYYY

*Task for this weekend - Clean the damn house!

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