Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I've Posted My Last

Political blog. Pretty much. I hate arguing about politics. And
political blogs are the least popular blogs I write.

So I just finished watching Dr. Drew on t.v. Not really watching it.
Its more background noise. Anyway, this one chick had her hymen
replaced surgically. The weird thing? She was already married to
the guy she had the surgery for. That's right. She wanted to be a
virgin after she was married. FOR her husband. That's some
Christmas present huh?

Another chick had her labia ummm... altered. She wasn't pleased
with the way it was formed or something of that nature. Too flop-
py? Something like that. I never knew this could be an issue. Ap-
parently I was underinformed. I feel educated now. I think my
life is really enriched through television. I never learned anything
like this in college.


mrshife said...

People are just amazing aren't they? I saw your comments on Nicolemart and I thought I would stop by and say hi. I enjoyed reading your blog and I will try to swing back by sometime.

mrshife said...

Plus how many times do I get to say hi to a chicken pimp in my lifetime.

lisa said...

Love your blog! And I personally like those political posts. But I'll keep reading anyway no matter what you post! :)

Sydney said...

Hi Lisa, thanks! ;) Do you have a blog I can visit? I didnt see one on your profile.

coloradohurricane said...

hi sydney, saw you on matt's blog so I thought, I'd check yours out.

My blog started out as a political blog, but as time has gone on, I've cut down on the political posts, because there are enough political blogs out there and they are all the same. So I will occasionally blog about politics if it is different, but for the most part I just blog about life, and there are much more exciting things in life than politics.

I like your blog.

lisa said...

Yeah, it's mostly about my boring life and keeping up with frinds. I just moved from Austin, TX and missing it a LOT!

notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

I never learned anything like that in college, either, and now I am very self-conscious about things BELOW the if everything else I was self-conscious about wasn't enough. Heh.