Saturday, September 10, 2005


Geek that I am, I joined Blogexplosion, initially thinking that
it would be just another way to get more site hits. Most wri-
ters do like to be read. I'm not sure that's one of the seven
deadly sins. Or even against the ten commandments. Or if you
happen to an atheist, or even a Christian now pretending to be
atheist, against any of the published atheist credos either.
We could ask Madeline, but sadly... She was offed a few years
ago. And sap that I am, I was sad about it. Figures. But any-

And incidentally, my minor? It was in writing. So you might
say, I'm doing what I do. Except that I happen to be doing it
online. If you don't like it, or you think it sucks, I'm sure
you're in plenty of good company. Here's a word of advice.
Don't READ it. Anyway, back to the matter at hand....

Screw the site hits, Blogexplosion has been a really cool way to
find great new blogs to read. Another favorite hobby of mine.
Did I say read? Screw the reading part. Its been a cool way
to find great new blogs to LOOK AT. I love seeing everything
that's out there in the blogworld.

And I never cease to be amazed by how creative some people
are. I am so jealous of the talent some of these folks have. It
is truly amazing. Some of the blogs out there are just eye candy.
It wouldn't matter if they didn't write a damn thing, the blogs
they have created are just so absolutely beautiful to look at.

And I know this brings me to a favorite point of contention. What
exactly is a blog? I maintain that a blog is personal expression of
any type. I know a lot of people who say that it is not. They say
that it should be mainly verbiage. Mainly words. Fewer photos.
I say that it doesn't matter. Its your blog, you express yourself
however you see fit. Self-expression is just that. What do you say?

Here are a few I liked. Not necessarily because they had a lot of
photos. Just because their blog formats were really cool. As in,
way way cooler than mine. Umm, which granted, is SO not hard
to do: Twist of Kate <-- Cool! Ok. this next one is just... Say it! it's cute as pie: Teatopia

Two of my favorites in terms of being just, from a female stand-
point, pretty - are: Psychobabble and Not Your Typical Southern
Here are some other blogs that caught my eye for whatever reason:
Pretty Geek Melodrama Jukebox My Blog The Panic Blog

Awful Souls Lost In Wisconsin Insider's View of Life

Ok, now I'm moving on. This one's just interesting because it's a
German guy with an English blog in which he uses English actually
so well I'd never have known. Except that occassionally he'll need-
lessly ask, did I use this word correctly? All Ralph

I've got a couple of thoughts about this one below. 1. Cool graphics.
2. Was I ever ever this young? 3. She loves her dog.
Thinking Out Loud

Kissable Baby <-- I'm still trying to figure this one out. Umm Cool Graphics though. This blog I just plain liked. Least of My Worries

And last but not least... A camera phone blog, nude photos and
all. It's kind of creepy and sleazy. That's why I had to include it.

Dirty Lense


dreamgurl said...

I often feel the same envy at all the "pretty" blogs with great pictures and graphics. Eye candy indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, hope your enjoying the world of blogging!

I have a trade show magician blog. It covers things relating to trade show magician and magic.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Nukapai said...

Yup, BlogExplosion has not created an army of new readers for me; it has made me into a new reader for an army of others. Hmm. ;)

Sydney said...

Well, I tried to post on your blog again, but it was too soon, so I emailed you about your gallbladder blog ;)

The Scarlett said...

I just noticed that you linked to me! Thanks so much. I'm linking to you as well because I really like your blog. Keep untying!

coloradohurricane said...

Thanx for the link sydney. blog explosion is the best of all the traffic sites- I also use blog soldier, blog clicker, and blog advance, but blog explosion delivers the best, and I have found a lot of new good blogs to read.

I've actually started 2 new blog recently 'casue I feel I almost have too much to say.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the compliment! I found the picture and Julie from Bonafide Style did the rest.

Cindy said...

Ok, I finally made it to blogger. I am under " Random Thought of An Ageless Mind". I see you have already met some really neat people. Keep me up to day and introduce me to some of your friends as this my first day. I FINALLY DID IT! laterz, Cindy

christa said...

Thanks for the link :)
I hope my blog caught your eye in a good way too :)

Ralph said...

Hi there, Sydney!
How are you? Thank you for the kind words and mentioning me on your blog. I don´t think my english is that superb, actually I bet it´s still way too faulty. Plus my writing style is a bit repetitive. Anyways. I´ll stop the whining.
I honestly am not much of a blog reader too, I hear you on the liking to look at things. So I won´t dig into the past of this blog but I´ll keep checking by and look at new stuff. Have a great day!

t-na said...

Hi Sydney! thank you for mentioning my blog and yes, it's a flat fact, I love my dog :)