Monday, September 05, 2005


Was my grandmother's birthday. She is absolutely im-
possible to shop for. She already has everything she
could ever want, and if she doesn't, she goes out and
buys it for herself. So its a real challenge coming
up with something that she's going to like, want or

One Christmas I gave her a stained glass lamp that she
really seemed to like, so I gave her a matching smaller
one for her birthday the following year. Whew, two
holidays solved. So yesterday I was a little bit at a
loss as to what to do. It was her birthday again and
had I planned? Hell no, I've had a headache for the
vast majority of the past two weeks for God's sake.

So anyway, it so happened, that like me, my friend Judy
sells a good bit of stuff on Ebay. In fact, when I
first moved here, that was my sole form of subsistence
while I was jobhunting, and I taught her how to do it.
She's progressed to the point that she's actually been
buying truckload quantities of returns and overruns from
various stores like Pennys and the like and then putting
the individual items up for auction online.

Yesterday, she was having a huge yard sale to move out a
bunch of items at once. She happened to have this stained
glass lamp/cum magazine stand/table with stained glass both
in the shade and in the table portion. It was beautiful in
pinks and greens with water lilies and dragonflies and had
apparently retailed for several hundred dollars. She let me
have it for a hundred bucks. Happy Birthday Grandma!


Carla said...

We get my dad's mother and my husbands grandparents gift cards to Wal-Mart now. They always seem to be able to use them much better. My mom's mother is much easier to buy for.


.Ben. said...

Grandmothers love photo albums.

Sydney said...

Well, I did ALSO forward that gay porno website you have on your site to her Ben. She especially loved the blowjobs. I just wanted to pass that along.

PJ said...

Blowjobs? Hey what have I been missing here? I am a grandma don't I get the website too?

.Ben. said...

You can find it at