Saturday, September 10, 2005

The OTHER Problem With David

The would be dater. He's 42 and he's never been married. In my ex-
perience, that doesn't bode well. On the other hand, if I just go out to
have fun then its fine. I can go out for up to two or three dates, never
sleep with the guy, and move on. Because trust me, there is no future
with a 42 year old bachelor. I don't care how cute the guy is.

Oh yeah, he's some weird entrepeneur type. Not that all entrepe-
neurs are weird. I just get the distinct impression that this one is. Did
I mention that he's cute though? He is cute.

Oh yeah, there is ALSO that guy Brooke who I didn't call back when I
had the migraine...


The Scarlett said...

Hey, we have the same template ... or we did until I went in and changed mine about 10 days ago.

Anyway, I have a problem with a man that doesn't get married by 35. Entrepeneur or not, there is something going on that he can't commit. How can he be cute, unmarried and straight at that age?? He would have to be a genius in bed and romantic to overcome any 42-and-not-married-man stigma.

Sydney said...

He can be cute, unmarried and straight if he intends to stay just that. UNMARRIED. You are right, guys 35 and over who have never been married say one thing - DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

MXV said...

As someone who is approaching 36 and never been married, I take some offense to the generalization (i'm sure i just spelled that wrong but its late and i'm tired).

Sometimes in life you have plans and they dont' work out, and you have relationships and they don't work out. Sometimes you could be planning to marry someone you've spent 5 years with and they end up leaving you for someone else.

Sometimes you just haven't met the right person, or you spent a few years with someone else and it sadly didn't work out.

So I don't think someone who is not married at 42 is wrong. There could be a number of reasons why he didn't get married, and he could have been smart instead of tying the not with someone only to get divorced a couple years later.

Sydney said...

point taken mvx ;)

Ranger Tom said...

I was on my own at 17. I enlisted in the Army three days after my 17th birthday and I've been on my own ever since.

But I still waited until I was 30 before getting married, and I still fucked up on that one...

So now I'm pushing 40 (in December, cards, cash and gifts would be appriciated...) And find myself single again, and all I seem to meet are women who either want to be my mother or want a meal ticket.

Both are unacceptable because I won't tolerate either.

I guess I'll be alone for a while yet.

Nit Wit said...

I was married twice by that age. First one was a little bit of a freak.
Second one was my soul mate, (at least that's what the boss says) and I would never disagree. Hell she's right anyway, but I do like to meet people and learn new things.
I am almost a hermit other than the computer and my family, but I'm strange anyway.
When I was 10 I was smitten by a 14 year old who made me her pet and dedicated songs to me on the radio as the dirty old man. I think she was physic. :)

The Scarlett said...

I know that the generalizations sound unfair, mxv, but we are just letting you in on how women tend to view this situation. Unfair? Perhaps. But we think this way. We wonder how a great guy can not be married by 36 and we decide, instead, that he can't be that great.

Consider this insider information and use it to your advantage.

Lisa said...

maybe he lived with someone for a long time. and just didn't marry her?

Sydney said...

It sounds like he did and it sounds like in that situation she was the one who cheated.