Saturday, September 17, 2005

So My Son Left His

Hatbox on the bus left night. After the game. You know, his band
hat. Which would be moderately ok. I mean, he could just go look
for the thing on Monday morning. Except that to compound his
problems, he left his billfold IN the hatbox WITH the hat. Yes, my
son is getting to be more and more like his mother every day. Hell,
I can't even get mad at him. When's the last time I did something
that stupid. Last week? Yesterday? Did I forget to mention that
this IS a bus that will be used first thing Monday morning to haul
students to our local high school. Yep. It is.

So it would seem wise to at least attempt to retrieve the hatbox
over the weekend if possible. But then that means disturbing
someone else's weekend. You know, to let us into the bus barn.
Have I mentioned here previously what an absolute JOY it is
that my son is in the band. On so many different levels? No?
Seriously. I mean, it is. I bitch about it a lot, but it is. Well at
least, you know, during the five minutes that he's actually march-
ing across the field. Then I get to watch him from the stands at
the home games with all of the other proud parents, queso from
the nachos I serve at the concession stand spattered across my


Anonymous said...

Hey Syd. Nice new digs ya got here. Just popped on to say hi and see how you were doing. You seem to be good so I'll run along and pop on again one day soon. Take care Syd.

Deborah AKA ataloss

Sydney said...

Hi Deb! Its so good to see you! I hope things are going well for you with everything you've got going on and you go get those GUYS! You know what I'm talkin about! I was so happy to see that you were going after them They owe ya! :)

Blogdreamz said...

Ya, create a disturbance this weekend over this hatbox! No, as I said, bus drivers should look on their bus to see if items were left behind. Hopefully your son has his name in there to contact you. If not, call the bus company brite and early monday to see. You know, your gonna have to wake up like 5:00 to do this...LOL!

Cindy said...

Syd, I would go get the hat box. It seems the first year my son had his license, he was so proud, he had is wallet ALL the time, now I bet we've bought 3 or 4 wallets so far this year and been to the DMV the same. I know you are proud watching him on the field marching.. nothing better than a high school Friday night football game!

notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

I'm already a sports mom, but I can't wait to become a SCHOOL sports mom or band mom!

Sydney said...

Cindy, I'm not sure exactly who to contact about getting INTO the bus. And I can see the headlines now. Local mother and son team arrested while invading local bus barn.

Authorities suspect possible link to terrorist activities. Yeah, that would be good.

Sydney said...

Develishbelle, once you're into the band thing, you are IN it! They eat you up. LOL They use you for every home game and fundraisers and and and... You will never have free time again.

Livinia said...

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