Tuesday, September 06, 2005

He's a Fast One

Ol Bushy Boy may not be able to figure that compli-
cated relief stuff out but he sure is johnny on the
spot with that supreme court stuff isn't he? Do ya
think that it secretly bugs any of the other Sup-
remes (I mean, if they were to be all up front and
honest like) that he's kinda going outside the box
with that head of the court stuff? You know, nomi-
nating someone who some say wasn't even qualified
enough to BE a supreme court justice in the first
place, much less the guy in charge of the entire
kit and kaboodle?

pssst... How about Clarence Thomas, do ya think it
bugs him a little bit? What about Scalia? I wonder...
Nah... They're all way too professional to be bothered
by petty things like that, right? Well back to my
first point, shouldn't the president be a little more
concerned by the fact that our good neighbors to the
south are having to use aqua gear to breach the
door to their homes and a little less concerned with
whether it takes two or three weeks to name a replace-
ment for top spot on the Supreme Court? Hasn't that
been the main problem with this presidency all along?


.Ben. said...

Shouldn't people be smart enough to plan for a disaster themselves? And if they are not smart enough (like the government likes you to think), then shouldn't the local and state government be the primary responders. After all, they are right there! Really, all you accomplish here is to reinforce the thought that people should rely on government for all their needs, however basic. That's not what the government is there for. And remember, it's the Left that keeps promising all the people that government will take care of them. And when there are not sufficent measures put in place to make that happen...guess who has the loudest mouths about it... The Left, blaming the Republicans. And the whiners that voted for people like John Kerry thinking that the government and the rest of the world owes them. It sickens me.

Sydney said...

I don't think the government owes people in general. I don't want to pay for people who should be working, not to stay at home and do nothing. I do think our tax dollars should be used to maintain things like roads, infrastructure, LEVEES in our own country before we worry about rebuilding other countries.

And I think that the federal government should step in the case of disasters and offer federal assistance. Quickly. Thats what we pay federal taxes for. And FEMA receives a portion of those taxes. And the President should be more concerned with a crisis affecting four states than appointing a new Chief justice before the old one is even in the ground. In my estimation.

.Ben. said...

The levees will never change in new orleans. It's too political. There's councils in place for each levee. And different people maintain each one. I'm not familiar with the specifics, but it's a political game based on money, not safety.