Thursday, October 19, 2006

La Reve

This story is truly almost painful to read. But I love the way
Nora tells it in this truly gossipy and yet at the same time kind of
touching way:

The Picasso

My condolences to Steve Wynn

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here's the Sex Part

Ok, its only kind of like sex but I do pro-
mise sex in my blog and this may be the
closest we get to it unless I break down
and give my ex-boyfriend from a year
ago a booty call. (Which would never
happen by the way - just in case he's
reading this.)

But anyway, so... I'm getting the girls
done. I'm thinking something in a large
C cup, maybe a small D, but I'm not
sure I can pull that off - have to talk to
the surgeon about it.

He's probably going to think I'm really
weird because I've gone on an actual
umm... tittie hunt. So I have all of
these photos of what I like to call:
"Acceptable Breast Outcomes"
that I'd like to show the guy.

You know, kind of like if you were re-
doing the kitchen, you'd call the con-
tractor in and say, ok I'd like the
cabinets to be done in a dark satin
stain and to hang exactly 1 1/2" from
the floor, and NOT crooked either mind
you, I want those puppies straight and
aligned. The cabinets I mean.

Right. Okay. So I want my cabinets
hung MUCH higher than that. I mean,
they're already hung, I'd just like them

Anyway, the doctor I'm going to go to
was a sculptor before he became a sur-
geon and he has a certain aesthetic that
I really like.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So Cool!

See now, I worked for Child Protective Services for ten years
and it would have been so GREAT to have known back then
that there really IS A CURE FOR PEDOPHILIA! That's right
ladies and gentlemen, alcohol rehab! Isn't that wonderful!

Or in the words of TomKat, AMAZING!!! and WONDERFUL!!
I thought so too! Now we can place thousands of children
back with their perpetrating parents and other assorted care-
takers. Wow. How cool is that. Thank you so much Congress-
man Foley for helping us all out with this one. Whew! We
really ought to award some sort of Nobel prize to the man.
At the very least for genius in obfuscation.

Guess what? If you're molested as a child, it is NO excuse to
molest someone else's child nor your own children. It does
not and should not offer you a get-out-of-jail-free card or even
one iota of sympathy for your actions as an adult.

Let's all save our sympathy for the victims of abuse who live
with the aftermath daily but lead caring lives towards others.

I learned two things when I worked as an investigator for

1) Victims are so guilt-ridden they frequently feel like per-
petrators even when they are not. True victims seem to
have a sense of guilt about everything. On the other hand,
perpetrators are con artists who will UNCEASINGLY try to
make you feel like they are victims.

We just saw this in spades with Foley. What's his main focus
on, his guilt over damaging white house pages emotionally?
Oh NOOOOOOO! Absolutely not. Just like a true perpe-
trator his focus is on trying to get his "victimhood" out to
us. My alcohol abuse made me do it, I was victimized as a

Well buddy, I've got news for you, there are a lot of drunk
former victims of abuse out there who aren't out there
hunting our children on the Internet. Wanna think about
that one for a minute on your way to your jail cell? I
learned something else too during my tenure with CPS.

2) Rehab of any type, alcohol, psychotherapy or otherwise
does not cure pedophiles. There is one very good therapy
for them though. Shotgun therapy. Best treated early.
Before too much damage is done. To others I mean.

Oh yes and HASTER? You deserve to go down right along
with him. You are no better than the Catholic diocese who
transferred priests from parish to parish.

SYD-SHAME ON YOU ALL! And THAT my friends, is a
LOT of shame. I learned it from the best.