Saturday, August 27, 2005


And by that, I do NOT JUST mean that our high school won
the football game. I mean that after taking off of work at
3:30 pm, and staying there until 10:30pm, they finally let
all of us heat addled band parents go the hell home.

Nevermind that I still have a freaking headache and that I
was on a potent combination of muscle relaxants, phenergan
and yes, THAT drug - oxyconton, such that I almost passed
out at least twelve times in the heat and I STILL nursed a
headache the entire time.

Still, at the moment when the LEAD band booster mommy
threw up her hands in exhaustion and said... "Let's not re-
stock these concession stands tonight. We'll wait and let
the kids do it after the junior varsity game on Thursday,
even if they get it wrong." Well, let's just say that we all
split like rats deserting a sinking ship before she could
change her ever lovin mind.

And thank you, dad, for calling me at 6am to ask - on your
way to your new vacation home in Gulf Shores - "Don't
y'all EVER get up early around there?!" Christ.


PJ said...

Don't ya just love dads? Remember that when your son is out on his own. LOL

not your typical southern belle said...

Glad you guys won the game!

My sons play football locally, and I spent about 5 hours in the heat last Saturday. I don't know how you made it a full seven hours. I had quite a headache, too.