Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The MOLD Again

So, before I go to bed, here's the only important report -
Nobody has yet done anything to fix the mold problem in our
office, except that is, to repair the air conditioing unit. And
since I own 5% of the company we bought the building with
its not like I can file a complaint or anything.

So today I said to my boss. Umm... uh hey... How about's
so and so and I at least take down the acoustic ceiling tiles
that have the mold all over them tomorrow until you get a
chance to get them replaced.

I mean HELLO. Has the guy not noticed that we are all
snorkling and snurfing and snuffling our butts off lo these
past two weeks? Apparently not. Anyway, he said,
without enthusiasm, "Yeah, I guess so."


1 comment:

Cade said...

That sounds like an uncomfortable working envorinment, sharing a workspace with something that could sprout mushshrooms at any moment. Blegh.