Friday, August 26, 2005

So I Seem to Sell The Best

When I am either under the influence of severely mind altering drugs
for pain (as in I've had a migraine or I've just had surgery) or if I am
in general feeling poorly for some reason.

I've had this migraine for at least two or three days now. So the day
before yesterday I had a great SCORE on a 31,000 lb load of chicken
and then yesterday sold 4 - 40,000 lb trucks of chicken out of the
250,000 lbs of chicken I was trying to get rid of.

Oops, and you guys are still having that hurricane I prayed for down
in Florida. Again, I don't know what the fuck to say about that. Sorry
seems a little, you know, weak...


Ranger Tom said...

Poultry Pimp sound too crass.

How about "Madame"... A lot more class...


Sydney said...

Oh just you wait, you don't know me that well. You may want to give me the pimp title back after a while ;)