Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Meanwhile, Back In The Dating World

Ok, So I haven't been on a date in a while. I just don't
feel like dating at the moment. But I am a member of
a large online dating service and I'm afraid to open my
mailbox there.

In the meatime, I got a call a couple of days ago from a
guy I gave my number to (courtesy of this same online
site) a couple or three months ago. You know, back when
I DID feel like dating.

So two or thee nights ago, mid-migraine, he called me up
and asked me out. He said something about not having
called sooner because he was away on business or some
such nonsense (this is date language for - I was firmly en-
sconced in another relationship that did not work out.)
I know these things. I have done the online dating deal
for several years, off and on.

So anyway, all of that is fine. But I had a migraine and
told him I'd call him back when that was over. He called
back last night anyway. Again, I told him I'd call him back
when my migraine was over. Kudos to the guy for even
wanting to deal with a girl who has had a migraine of this
many days duration, but LEAVE ME ALONE FOR RIGHT

Oh yeah, plus, his initials are B.M. I don't know if that
would ever work for me.

p.s. I say this very very guardedly. But my head is feeling
ever so slightly better this morning.


Ranger Tom said...

I've given up on the internet dating scene... Me too many women who want to be my mother...

I'm divorced, not helpless!

Good luck!

Sydney said...

really? will they cook and do housework? I'm beginning to think that being a guy's not that bad of a deal...

Ranger Tom said...

Actually, the one's I've been meeting think I'm incapable of doing anything for myself...

It drives me nuts.

.Ben. said...

My initials are BM.

Hope I don't bring back your migraine.

Sydney said...

LOL that's pretty funny Ben. But then, you're such a funny guy. Laugh a minute and all that. Quite the riot.

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