Saturday, August 27, 2005

Meeting The Family

So I thought

I should intro-

duce you to


little family

so you'll have some idea who I'm blogging about.

This photo is me and my son Dylan a couple of years

ago in Palm Springs. We live in somewhereville,

Alabama with our two bunnies and our two cats

(to be pictured later).

Dylan is a junior in high school and I sell chicken.

He's a good kid and I'm a lucky mother. That's about...

the size of it. Oh yeah, I should probably mention

that we are transplants here. We're originally from

Austin, Texas. And we will probably always feel

a little bit like Texas is our "real" home. That's right.

Hook em Horns.


Meagan said...

Mission Accomplished. LOL! I posted mean things to Dylan. Altho, I'm not good at insults...lmao. I called him a "scum sucking rectal whore" lol. Thats as good as it gets for me. ~Meagan

Sydney said...

I think on the mean scale Meaggie? that'll qualify! LOL

dreamgurl said...

Two bunnies, eh? I have five!! (plus two cats, a dog, and a beta fish). I think rabbits are the best pets. People just don't realize that they have personalities like cats and dogs!

Ranger Tom said...

Good looking boy, Syd. You're probably pretty damn proud of him.

Sydney said...

Thanks Tom, I am WAY proud of him. That kid is my LIFE.

And my bank account.

PJ said...

Your son looks somewhat like you. He is a good looking kid. What is with all the wabbits around here? My cat would love all the wabbits.....