Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In The Dark

Literally this time, as opposed to the figurative fugue state
I usually walk around in. So I went to see my doc at his
new office yesterday where they will just be in "set-up"
mode for the next 2 - 4 weeks. He, or actually, his lovely
new billing girl cum all around assistant, gave me a whomp-
ing shot of decadron in the ass, even though she absolutely
HATES giving shots.

I keep telling her that I am very good practice for her since
I really don't mind being stuck. Most especially not when
I have a migraine. I mean really, who cares about a little
needle when you have a big knifing pain in your head?

So anyway, the decadron did fuck all for my headache.
After Dylan got out of school yesterday, (btw, they let
him off of band practice after school yesterday due to the
weather, but grudgingly, as if it were a HUGE favor, his
band director is all heart eh? I mean, what with the prac-
tically hurricane force winds and all. Oh WAIT. It WAS
a hurricane.)

So Dylan took me to the E.R. Where a stupid intake nurse,
a very young doctor, and more general ignorance ensued.
Next blog. (And by the way, I HATE the fact that when I
get this bad off my kid has to take me to the ER when he
should be you know, being a kid, doing his homework,
whatever. It truly gets to me.)

In the meantime, I am here at work, you know, one of the
few places in town with ELECTRICITY. And internet ac-
cess. So even here in North Alabama it stormed fairly
hard last night. Trees down, mighty winds, power outages
rampant. I can only imagine what it was like in Mississipi.
I have two friends who're both in the storm's eye and I can't
reach either one of them, even on their cells. I hope I can
get a hold of them both soon!

As for us, the power is out at our house, but up at my office.
The nazi of a local school superintendent decided to actually
have the students go to school in this weather, even though
it is windy, raining, power lines are down and power is out
over much of the town. Sheer brilliance. Asshole. I called
to let him know how I felt about his assessment skills.
Of course.


Ranger Tom said...

I really, really hope you're feeling better soon...

Sydney said...

Thanks. My headache just left. Absconded for parts unknown. Thank you GOD! for finally taking the damn thing away. Geez!

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