Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So Many Times

I think that people forget that good karma is all about
doing unto others as you would HAVE them do unto
you. Not as they do unto you. Doing unto others as
they do unto you is something else altogether different.
I think they call that... bitterness. And you know what?
Its a sure fire way to destroy your own future.


ZaBStah said...

uh...please do onto me.....as I would do onto you...call it whateverthefuck u want......karma...uh...sticky karma..whatever...just do it miss OO

ZaBStah said...

and then again

ZaBStah said...

and again...

Ha.....This is fun

Cade said...

Um, Perv Police alerted. Haha.

I totally agree with you, Sydney. I believe totally in karma but I think sometimes it goes on holiday somewhere and takes a nice, long sabbatical.

Nothing else can explain why there are babies that die from starvation even though they didn't even reach a point in their life where they could decipher from good and evil.

ZaBStah said...

uh.....Syd......SYD!.....She just called me a perv....I think......You know me to be much worse than that...


Nit Wit said...

Hi Syd. Would have replied sooner but I never got an Email their before.
I have been here for awhile.
I agree about Karma. Been reading the posts, Sorry about the migrain, glad your family's OK. Gotta go Lewis Black is on HBO.

Ranger Tom said...

Yep... What ever goes around, comes around.

I am still bitter over my divorce, but I find it is fading away, not fast enough sometimes but it can't be helped.

But I am working on it.

PJ said...

Karma, what a lovely word. The universal law of cause and effect. Our deeds during one life or many creates our future and defines what our lives will be. We are responsible for our own deeds, therefore we decide our lives either consciously or subconsciously. I prefer to think I have gone through life so far totally subconsciously which gives me the excuse of being pretty dumb about what I do. Sounds good. OK that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Sydney said...

LOL Pinky, its ok, Zabstah is (says this with one eyebrow raised)the very best kind of perv.

Oh and hey. I don't lay any claims to not struggling with bitterness issues of my own. We all have things we struggle with. I just think that purposely hanging onto the hurt of the past holds you back from building your future.

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