Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MOLD. Lovely

So we've finally figured out why the entire office is snuffling around with colds and sinus infections for the past two weeks. Apparently our air conditioner has metamorphased from a working unit into a mold producing machine. Quietly. Slowly. Way up in the ceiling.

We only found out today that this is what was going on when we walked into huge water spots and black and green mold soaking through the acoustic ceiling tiles. YUM!

(The afore-mentioned sinus infections, by the way, were my entire reason for the ill-fated dose of levaquin yesterday.) So anyway... That's the start to my morning. Blogging from a plume of spores.


PJ said...

Mold ick. I would be sick too. We found it in our house and had a really hard time getting rid of it. Temptrous is here.

Sydney said...

Hi Temptrous! Its good to see a friendly face. I'll be stopping by to see ya.