Friday, August 26, 2005

High School Dramas

Ok, So I just want to be honest. A shortcoming of mine.
Plus, I need to talk about this SOMEWHERE because
I'm still upset about it, and hell, what better place than
my damn blog?!

This is not my first blogging attempt. I was recently a blogger
over at what became for me a quagmire -

Just go the the list of most popular bloggers on the lefthand
side of the page and click on ObliqueOne

I enjoyed some marginal success as a blogger there, if one
measures "success" as the number of hits one receives on
ones blogs in a relatively short period of time. I did have one
apparent shortcoming though. I did not hesitate to call it like
I saw it.

Since blogster is community of bloggers, and since sometimes,
admittedly, I was wrong, this did not go over well, even though
I would apologize if I found I had indeed misstepped. At any
rate, truthfully, this did not occur all that often really. But be-
cause it did happen from time to time, I do not consider myself
to be entirely blameless for what followed.

The larger problem, I think, is that I once put up photos of myself
in a thong. Oh, and I do, again admittedly, dye my hair blonde.
Neither of those two aspects of my character sat well with one of
the other female bloggers. She even wondered aloud about what
kind of "whore and slut" of a mother would post a thong photo
when she had a "young son." The fact that I dye my hair blonde
figured into the sluttiness as well in some fashion, but I can't quite
recall her rationale at the moment. It was a compelling argument
though, to be sure.

Now I would like to point out that A. I don't know what one thing
has to do with the other and that B. I don't think that taking photo-
graphs in a bikini or a thong makes one either a whore or a slut, and
that C. My one and only child, a son, is almost an adult. He is 17 1/2.
A year older than I was when I began college for God's sake.

(I would also like to point out that LAST TIME I CHECKED I am
free, single and over 21 - so I should be able to post whatever
photos of myself I would like to post. And that any puritan who
doesn't like that can just get back on the damn Mayflower.)

So... Someone took an anonymous potshot at me, and I blamed this
other female blogger due to her similar diction and writing style.
She denied it, but I still DO think it was her and I always will. Regard-
less, what IS known for certain is that she set up an anonymous blog
whereby she and other bloggers came and trashed me at will. It was
very nasty. And hurtful. Especially since I didn't know who was
saying what.

So now I feel I can never return there, because I wouldn't truly know
who my friends are. That is why I am now here, instead. And there
you have it.

Hopefully, the people here are friendlier. And more thong tolerant.
And hell, if you aren't? Then I can just erase your damn comments! ;)


Ranger Tom said...

I know exactly what you mean... I haven't posted any pics in my blog of me in a thong, that wouldn't be to pretty... LOL but the highschool drama bullshit. It's a bit different here and hope you have a better experience. Just do what I've been doing, "fuck em' in they can't take a joke"

Cade said...


At any rate, she obviously either didn't have the ass to carry a thong well OR she has the cottage cheese ass that would just swallow a thong.

I'm very sorry you had to put up with someone who couldn't see past her own insecurities. People who pick on other people are online are pathetic.

Arguing online is like running in the Special Olympics: Even if you win, you're still retarded.

PJ said...

Syd, I finally went back and read some of the garbage. It made me sick. Oh, just so you know I did email the sight commander and complain. I read Hazy (troublemaking slut) blog and she mentioned me. Said I called her vile, but that isn't true and I have the copies to the email I send the commander to prove it. I know he didn't lie, why would he?

Syd, you were smart to get out of there and yes, that gal along with some others, you know them, were very jealous of you. I knew when I found out about the war going on you were telling the truth - you always did and I always appreciated that. I don't miss the place at all.

Hope you have it all out of your system bacause you have nothing to prove to me for sure.

Take care

Sydney said...

Thanks you guys, and Pinky, that's a hysterical comment at the end of your post.

PJ, Its possible that Arthur got confused about some of his email. I know Cindy and others emailed him too. Maybe someone else said vile. At any rate, I didn't really want anyone else to leave there because of me. I just couldn't stay after that.

I think that community was a little too... insular.

But thanks everyone for letting me get that off of my chest. I don't like to start off somewhere without being honest about things.

Oh, and my friend pj has a blog here too now, at

Meagan said...

Hey Syd... I think a little change will be good for you. I still blog at Blogster...even tho it IS a little crazy there.

I'm thinking that maybe I can use blogspot ...without telling ANYONE AT ALL that I have one...except you... that way, I can blog some things that I don't want to say on my Blogster (because so many people that I KNOW it)... I hope this works out for you. ~Meagan

windyfrog said...

I agree - they screwed you over...their loss and our gain.

PS - don't tell my wife I asked but um...where are the photos?


oh - heck - she is going to read this anyway...

Sydney said...

The infamous thong photos (or at least one of them) is still up. Are you kidding? I will MOTHER FUCKING LEAVE THAT PHOTO UP UNTIL IT ROTS. Just follow the directions in this blog to get to my old blog and click on the photo page.

windyfrog said...

...sigh... I tried that - I even waited 5 minutes incase they were downloading...but alas... nothing... fudge - I am soo bad- oh well, back to my imagination. :-) Hope all is well


Sydney said...

there ya go. Thats the url ;)

Really though, I want to see some pictures of Ranger Tom in HIS thong. Now THAT would be something.

windyfrog said...

Sure ...why not - what the hell - you only live once..what is the worst that can happen? What do you say tom - for sydney!?!? Go for it!! ~Bernie~

Carla said...

Good lord, that's just insane. People are just idiots! Idiots!

Mama M said...

People who get that stupid about someone's personal blog comments can go fuck themselves. It's a BLOG for shit's sake.

Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW! I feel like I will just have to blink and suddenly my son will be 17 also.

windyfrog said...

Ok - I finally saw the famous or infamous photo.

A) WoW do you look GREAT!
B) WOW you really look great
C) Damn you look great.
D) Please - There are more pornographic shots in a MACY's ad than what that pictured showed!?!? You see more on prime time tv. If they got that upset over THAT - you should be glad your gone. ~Bernie~

Anonymous said... you are ;)