Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So It Turns Out

And I hesitate to say this. In a time of such great loss.
Economic, life and otherwise. That a number of umm...
live chickens were destroyed in the hurricane. And that
this may, emphasis on MAY, drive up the proverbial
chicken breast, or as we like to call it, "chicken boobies,"
market. Which uh... could be good for me economically.

Which means that I am holding off for a few days on making
any big deals on the 6 and a half loads of chicken boobies that
I have left in the freezer in Detroit. Because, you know, they
might go up in price. It appears the market may be tightening.
It would, of course, serve me right if this were not to happen
at all. If it were to just plummet instead. But anyway. That's
where things stand. At the moment. Oh, and my headache is
back. LOL


PJ said...

What is wrong with those Dam chickens, don't they know how to swim? Good for you, bad for me. What a downer.

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