Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stupid People

I think I'm going to make this an ongoing blog topic, to be brought up whenever I encounter stupid people. Only it will be revolving. You know, no one group of people wil get stuck in the stupid box on an ongoing basis. So here it is:

Stupid People of the Day:

People who don't think I say what I mean. This would include people
who think that I airily announce things like, "Oh, I'm leaving," only
to come back again. That doesn't happen in myworld. Once I'm done
with you and I've decided that you are no longer to be trusted, and
that indeed, you don't seem to desire my presence anyway? Well, let's
just say that I don't stick around for more punishment. I mean, how
crazy would that be?

Goodbye Stupid People


Ranger Tom said...

Stupid people are everywhere... I can't escape them. Great blog!

Rosa Benito said...

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Java Boy!!! said...

hmmm stupid people, must be children who never grew up... cause the things I see stupid people do, are the same things I have to get onto my children about... why is this....

could it be that stupid people never went through the common place maturing process????

dreamgurl said...

I find I encounter most stupid people while driving...but perhaps that's a whole different catergory. =) My hubby is from Alabama...I hope you're not an Auburn fan...But I don't follow college football, so it doesn't matter to me anyway. ;)

Lisa said...

geez you get a lot of advertising comments.
hope you'll be happier here, syd.