Saturday, August 27, 2005

Can 'O Spam

HUH? So I opened the cabinet in search of something
to eat. You know, in case something previously unseen
might magically materialize, and... it did! That's right.
A can of spam. Now, what?! Where the fuck did we get
a can of spam?

Just in case you're wondering, spam is not on our regular
shopping list. Not on our normally scheduled course of
events. We don't have nightly "spam" hour. Internet
or in a can. Just doesn't happen. But there it is, pretty
as you please. Languishing in its can on the shelf in the
pantry. Must ask my son about this.


Billy Jones said...

I thought everyone kept a can of SPAM in their pantry-- you know, emergency rations like when the power goes out after the hurricane. Not that we would ever eat it under any other circumstances but it is fully cooked and as long as the can remains intact and unrusted you can count on SPAM being just as good as it ever was. Or wasn't.

Ranger Tom said...

Spam, spam, spam, spam! Wonderful SPAM!

Monty Python in it's heyday...

windyfrog said...

from my college days - in a pot, toss in a chopped onion and some butter - sweat it out...toss in the spam - diced of course - fry it up for 5 minutes - add a cup of rice and 1 and 1/2 cups of water - two pinches of salt, stir and let sit for 10 minutes at a low simmer. Throw in some peas - let them cook for another 15 minutes until rice absorbed the water. Stir to fluff and serve. Not the prettiest meal - but still used in an emergency.

Sydney said...

Hell Windy, thats a lot more creative than I ever got in college. I just about lived on Top Ramen. 6 for a dollar. Thank God.

windyfrog said...

What can I say - I got the recipe from my mother - a german woman who grew up in the after math of WWII - Spam was a godsend..

Ramen rocked - it still does in a pinch!!


Cade said...

lol, you should have posted the contents of Spam. I've always wondered what the fuck is in that shit. It has to be something rotten. The smell would work like chloroform on me