Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Conversation With My Father

Yesterday - 2:30pm
On our respective cell phones

"Hi Dad, Where are you?"

"In Mobile, Sitting in this ladies house. She has no

"What? Last I heard you were going to your vaca-
tion home in Gulf Shores? I thought you'd be home
by now."

"Hell, I don't even know if that's there anymore. The
place in Gulf Shores. Anyway, we did go there, but we
had the timeshare condo reserved for this week in Mobile.
We've had it reserved for six months."

"Umm, well, yes. But, you knew there was a hurricane
coming, right?"

"Well, sure. But its not like we knew exactly where it
was going to hit. So we decided to take a chance. Anyway,
we got evacuated from the condo. So now we are at this
friend of your grandmother's in Mobile, only her power is

"Oh, so you've got grandma with you too?" (How nice for
me, now I can worry about all three of them at the same

"Ok, well, when do you plan on coming HOME."

"Well, we're going to stay here until we can go out and check
on the place in Gulf Shores, and then you know, probably
finish our vacation."

"I see"


Ranger Tom said...

Why let the biggest hurricane ever recorded spoil a perfectly good vacation?

Sydney said...

LOL, right?

Ranger Tom said...

Yes, I was only joking... :)

Glad to hear your dad is ok... As the rest of your family.

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