Sunday, October 09, 2005

Our Yard

used to be the most pristine and beautifully manicured lawn on the
block. People would come from miles around just to look at it.

Then we moved in.



Ranger Tom said...


Trée said...

I could say that about my whole house. lol

Bonanza Jellybean said...

You could get horses like us, and the "yard" becomes the "pasture" and everyone realizes that you WANT a pasture to grow. I HATE yardwork, and if I touch a plant, I kill it. I had to find an excuse. :)

rhcpepper said...

Hi, Syd,

It's great to see that both sites are looking so good, Princess.

Well done and keep up the great work.

Just a quickie...

Did you manage to get the house tidied before my arrival and forthcoming visit??? ;-) LOL

Don't worry about the garden, BTW, Princess, I'll tidy that up for you - even without banging my head whilst doing so, hopefully! ;-) LOL

BTW, are you gonna announce our forthcoming impending engagement, or should I do if over @ Blogster??? ;-)

Have A Great Day, Princess!

Peace and Love,


rhcpepper said...

Hi, Princess,


Sorry about the double-post, precious - sorry!

Be Good and Be Happy - I Hope The Sun's Shining on You, Juliet! ;-) LOL

Loads of tender hugs 'n kisses! [smooch]

Peace and Love,