Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Toilet is Broken

So I had to turn off the water because it was leaking and dripping
down the back wall causing water damage to the bottom floor, not
to mention $70 water bills. Dylan was in there trying to fix it to-
night, but apparently was having problems because I heard much
cursing and kicking of objects. I let it go. He came by that honest-
ly. The good news is that what we thought was the house leaking
from the outside may have actually been the toilet. The bad news
is that it is more difficult to fix than we thought. Of course, we
CAN do it. And we COULD call a plumber, but being stubborn, my
son and I, we won't. Why? Because we figure we SHOULD be able
to figure the damn thing out.

Currently, I've sent him to go help my dad with his Pumpkin Ranch
for the night. I have a tiny - emphasis on slight - head cold, which
is just enough to make me feel a little puky but not anything truly
wretched. Thank God. Cuz we all know what a fucking baby I am
when I don't feel good. I think I've demonstrated that for all of you
here before if I'm not mistaken.

Tomorrow I really need to clean the damn house. I mean REALLY.
I know that's my never ending mantra, but we've managed to get a
lot of things done already so it doesn't seem so overwhelming to fi-
nish it tomorrow. And I want to have it clean before we leave for
California. Hopefully we can finish the toilet in the morning. I'm un-
coordinated and clumsy on the best of days and I'm going to break
my neck if I have to keep navigating the stairs to go down to use
Dylan's bathroom when I'm half asleep in the middle of the night.


momoff said...

Ohhh...I have been there. Our last place one of the toilets kept running and running and we got a whopping $300 water bill. We where pissed.

.Ben. said...

Get a bucket. It's cheap and portable.