Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Turn Around

Sometimes life has a really funny way of just... turning around. It's
one of the reasons you should never kill yourself. You know, just to
see how it all turns out. I mean, you'd never forgive yourself if one
night you had to a few too many, went into the bathroom, got into
the tub, slit your wrists and bled out onto the linoleum - only to find
out that six months later...

Your long lost uncle Hugo from Bombazeria who is, by the way, fil-
thy rich and has been searching for you lo these many years should
suddenly come to town. And it turns out that your mother, whom
you THOUGHT would have NEVER cheated on your father (al-
though those feathered earrings she wore in the seventies should
have been some kind of subtle indicator perhaps) had a wild but
secret fling with a prince who later died in a bloody coup attempt
(aren't they always). But the Royal family knew about you and
though your mother had tried to keep your location secret for fear
that they might someday snatch you, they have finally found you
and merely want to bestow upon you their love and wealth. Except
oh yeah, you're dead.

Where was I? Ok, so things have been ULTRA busy at work but I
really am having, dare I say it? A good time. Fun! At my job, for
the first time since I can remember. Glad I didn't off myself in the
bathtub. Or you know, put out resumes everywhere.


dreamgurl said...

Glad to hear that work is enjoyable (at least for now!) for you. That almost always makes everything else seem that much better.

In other news, I'll keep you updated on the Alabama thing...when I have something new to update! Probably no news till after Thanksgiving.

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Carla said...

Damn! And here I was thinking you had just found out you had a rich relative who died and left you lots of money!

I was gonna ask for a loan!

Hee! :-D

Ranger Tom said...

You and I are the same age... Are you SURE you're not haveing some early-eighties acid flashback?

Darius Torque said...

Me gets so damn rare as we get older...have loads of it..

Oh, and it looks like Skynet's SpamWare virus crap has found your site.

Perhaps time to turn on the ol 'picture security'

The Scarlett said...

I thought of offing myself a few years ago when I got diagnosed with cancer. I was going to do the garage-carbon-monoxide-thing because it's really cowardly and all. I have to say I'm glad I didn't.

It's better to be thought of as that brave, strong woman than that crazy woman that offed herself and sent her kids into a lifetime of self-doubt and therapy.

AndyT13 said...

Welcome back Syd. I dunno if you've heard of HNT (half nekkid thursdays) but you check it out. It's fun! Drop by my page and check out my recent submission. You can find out more from Obasso.

Peace out la chica!

Sydney said...

I'm glad you stuck around too Scarlett :)