Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's Baaaaaaaack

My headache that is. Which brings me to my next point. I mean,
it doesn't really, but let's pretend, shall we?

Do you ever write a blog and then think to yourself... "Really, I
just cannot put that out there in its present form or maybe even
at all. Because its too stupid or (whispering) perhaps too violent
and you don't want the Secret Service to show up at your door.
Most especially not when you have a migraine. Because they
just NEVER have the good drugs. Or so I've heard.

Or anyway, do you ever just not put it out there because it just
sounds too... well, insane? Ok, I think we've ruled that one out
in my case. Not my insanity. Just that the thought that other
people would find out would ever keep me from posting some-
thing. I mean, you've read my blog. Obviously, it doesn't.

But anyway, do you? You know, hesitate...


.Ben. said...

I never hesitate. I like for people to know exactly what I'm thinking. No matter how untactful it is.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Funny you ask... for the first time tonight, I went back and edited something out because I thought it was too out there. I thought it, but I'm not sure everyone needs to know that. And I don't even have a migrane to blame it on!

Sydney said...

Hey Ben! Good to see ya! Somehow that doesn't surprise me, your answer to that one. ;)

MXV said...

Sometimes I do, usually when I don't want to jinx something in my life, I'll hold off writing about it. Lately my blog hasn't had a whole lot of personal writing but I imagine that is likely going to change considering my situation has changed in my personal life.

I'm sorry to hear about the headache, I have one myself as I type this, though it is directly releated to all the drinking I did last nite.

Mandingo said...

I hate migrains! Hope it gets better soon.