Saturday, October 01, 2005

So... It's Only Saturday Right?

I woke up with THE worst headache this morning but I took, you
know, some drugs, and it seems to be better now. Which reminds
me, I am almost out of said drugs. The good ones anyway. The
PAINKILLERS. And I can't reasonably expect to get more for a
couple of weeks. So I really DO need to find the prescription for
my non-narcotic fioricet. Which is what I was searching for when
I was oh so unceremoniously peeped yesterday in the parking lot.

Hey, maybe the guy was just upskirting me for some website. I
hadn't even THOUGHT about that option. You know, a little key-
chain minicam action? I could almost admire the balls that would
have taken if he hadn't come up with SUCH A STUPID EXCUSE.

So anyway, look for my ass in black panties in a black floral mini-
skirt bent over the passenger side of a lexus if you visit any up-
dated upskirt sites. Not that my ass hasn't been online before
right? Stupid guy, he should have just asked for the web address
to my blog.

For such a little town, my son and I have both been accosted in the
parking lots of the major supercenters here. Me at KMart (where
we don't shop). And him by some weirdo at WalMart, where we
get groceries all the time. Umm before you snicker, in small
southern towns, WalMart SuperCenters are the ONLY place you
can get a wide variety of fresh produce and meat items. And if you
have any penchant for ethnic cuisine and the fixings for such. Yep,
again, its WalMart. The weirdo at WalMart - and I won't even go
into the story, but lets just say that the sick fuck propositioned my
kid, who couldn't place him in a car, but did report it, wasn't caught.
No cops in the lot that time. Thankfully, my kid did all the right
things. But its scary. I'm so happy that he's, at this age, a big kid.
Geez, almost an adult now. Its so odd to say that. So truly odd.

Anyway, its Saturday, my headache is receeding and I really must
get some stuff done this time. This weekend I can't just let time
slip through the glass while I sit numbly by getting nothing done.
I really must do... SOMETHING constructive. Right?


coloradohurricane said...

when it comes to pain, I am a real wimp. Drugs, not hugs I say.

When I was in Canada last year, I was going to buy a sheetload of Tylenol 3 (with Codeine), but decided against it at the last moment. Good thing since my car was randomly searched at the border on the way back in.

Sydney said...

Coward. LOL just kidding.

Nukapai said...

Just popped in to say "thanks for the comments" :) You could try the perfume thing on small scale with some basic essential oils and mix something like a bath oil together. Glad you found something of interest in that entry anyway!