Thursday, October 06, 2005

Update My Ass

Every time I've tried to sign in to write anything the system has
been down for its own "updating." Then by the time I finally can
sign in, the moment has passed. I mean, I don't get on here and
then think of something to write. It's more like this diarrhea of
the brain hits me and I have to splooge it out all over my blog.

Or in this case, blogs. You can't imagine how painful it is, all that
cramping and nowhere to relieve myself.
Are you happy now, Ben?


Dan said...

Date your ass maybe. If I wasn't married, with children, and living in Canada.


.Ben. said...

Yeah, I'm happy now. Well, no not really. That was a shitty update.

Sydney said...


Ranger Tom said...

Well, I use MS Word for most of my writing... So it's always there and I just cut & paste when I want to post.