Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Toilet

Is. Still. Fucking. Broken.

Dylan cannot fix it. I cannot fix it. It is Fucked. Up.

I hate it. I am so annoyed that I would actually go out and buy a
new toilet were it not for the fact that I know it would be largely
more difficult to install an entire toilet than it will be to fix this
stupid problem at the top of the tank. And I would get my dad to
come over and fix it but he is working at his Pumpkin Ranch at-
traction thingie through Monday and then he is off to Gulf Shores
for a week. And we are leaving for Palm Springs Thursday.

And I have huge shit coming up at work that I can't really talk
about yet, but I'll fill everybody in when I can. Bizarre shit though
I can say that much. Oh yeah, and I'm supposed to do this sleep
study tomorrow night with these electrodes strapped to my head.
Get this. NOT because they think I have apnea, but because they
want an overnight baseline on how I sleep because of my weird
brain waves. Whatever. On Halloween. Pretty funny.

So life is strange and my toilet is broken but on Thursday I'll be
able to escape from it all to sunny California for a few days. Yep,
that pretty much sums it up.


dreamgurl said...

Good luck with the toilet. I do most of the handywork around our house (my husband was born with little to none handyman skills) and plumbing is the hardest for me to figure out. I'd rather wire new light fixtures than fix the damn toilet. But I have managed the following tasks (with some help): change the water supply tube, and replace everything inside the toilet tank (all at seperate times OF COURSE)...pain in the ass, but damn it feels good once you've managed to fix it!

Nukapai said...

Hehehehehehehe. "Broken toilet". "Huge shit coming up".


coloradohurricane said...

I too, caught the irony of the "huge shit coming up" comment.

When it rains, it pours...
When it shits, it ...

angel, jr. said...

Yeah, wouldn't want to be there when the shit hits the fan.

Sydney said...

Oh Thank God, Angel says the word "Shit" ;)

Now I don't feel so bad for leaving a gratuitous fuck on his religous blog

.Ben. said...

What's wrong with the toilet? No flush? Does it run all the time? It must be tired. Why don't you head over to Home Depot and one of us kind home improvement wizards will get you the parts to get it sorted proper.

.Ben. said...

Oh yeah, that whole "toilet broken, big shit coming up" was genius. I totally thought it was one fluid post and I was disappointed to find out differently.

Sydney said...

"huge shit coming up"

Really fucking unfortunate word choice or signs of stratospheric brilliance. You decide. Uhh... on second thought. Scratch that. I don't know if I could handle it.

leo myshkin said...

i'd hire a pro, water never sleeps.

i don't think shit does either.

Blogdreamz said...

Weird brain waves. Uh, doesn't everyone have weird brain ways. That's funny what you said about the toilet and then said a huge shit coming up. COuld this be your problem with the toilet. Too much shit? LOL!