Friday, October 28, 2005

Ok So...

This is my 2nd or 3rd 6:3oam work morning in a row. Did I men-
tion that I'm not a morning person? I could say that a few times
and it wouldn't be enough to properly reflect how serious I am
about that sentiment. But anyway, I needed to be at one of the
plants early, so I was. Not that its helped particularly in what I
was trying to achieve, but I did try.

So anyway, I just remembered this afternoon, as I contemplated
going home, soaking in a hot tub and then relaxing in bed with a
book and a cup of hot tea, that I can't do any of those things to-
night. Or at least, not for a few hours. I promised my dad I'd help
him at the Pumpkin Ranch.

My dad runs this Pumpkin Ranch. You know, with a corn maze
and hay rides, and a pumpkin patch, etc. It's a local attraction of
sorts. Because there is a God, this is his last year. Ok, so it also
has something to do with the fact that he didn't make ANY MONEY
AT ALL running this thing during the past four years. So anyway.
By the way. Since I forgot I was helping him tonight, I wore a skirt
and tights to work today. Yep. I'm going to freeze my stupid ass off.
Gotta love it.


Blogdreamz said...

You must be possessed if you got to work on time. You are usually late. Did the Great Pumpkin take over your body. LOL!

Sydney said...

You'd think so huh? Actually, back when I first started working, I was always there on time. Then I got sick and I was way too exhausted for a goo year and a half or so. I've started to feel better of late and if my blood count doesn't keep progressing, I've got procrit which I can apparently take forever and ever so... I'm able to wake up on time again.

However, I still HATE mornings. HATE THEM. HATE THEM. HATE THEM. I don't really even begin to start thinking clearly - if that ever happens, until sometime after lunch.

Oh yeah, but I found a good way not to oversleep my alarm. I can set Charter cable to turn the tv on CNN at any given time, and its super easy to do, takes about ten seconds. The news wakes me up more easily than my alarm clock oddly enough. I just started doing this a month ago and it works awesome.