Friday, June 30, 2006

How to Order a Pizza

Hi-Pizza Hut?

Guy's Voice - Pizza Hut!

Umm Yes, I'd Like to get an Order delivered please

Ok, just a sec, I'm trying to get to my little screen...

Yeah, I know all about those little screens

(mutual uncomfortable laugh at my lame joke)

I've got a coupon for a large Pan pizza for 10.99

Ok, looking for the coupon - was that in this week's paper?

No, that was in this week's mailbox, I get all of my news online.

Ok. Umm. Just a sec, I've got to go to the back and see if I can
find it. Ok, I found it. So, what would you like on that.

I'd like to get the Vegetarian lover's pizza. Except, I'd like to add

Bacon? But you're a vegetarian!

No I'm not. I'm just getting the vegetarian lover's pizza.

Well, why don't you get a supreme or something. It has meat
and vegetables already.

Nah, I just want the bacon.

Ok. Is that it?

Nope. I also want to add anchovies on one side.

Anchovies? Ahhh... ok.

And then on the other side? I want to add jalapenos.
Oh, and please be sure they bring some of those pepper
packets with the pizza.

Oh. Uhh.. boy. ok. I think... umm...


I'm trying not to vomit over here.

Ahhh man, how do you expect me to eat my pizza after you said
the word "vomit"?

I'm not really sure how you were expecting to eat that pizza in the
first place. I don't really believe anyone would eat that. I think I
want to come over to see and take pictures because nobody's gonna
believe it.

hmmm... Sounds pretty kinky to me. I thought pizza boys only
came over and to your house and took pictures of you in Pent-
house stories.

Man, you are SO going to get me in trouble if they are recording
this call.

Awww, tell the pizza nazi's to lighten up, and by the way - I want
an order of cheesesticks with this. By the way, what's my total?


The Seeker said...

Oh, can I deliver this? Or anything else?

Sydney said...

LOL Seeker, he was talking about bringing a camera, not whips and chains. Although...

kathi said...

LOL, is this for real?

DrDiSaia said...

Did you ever get that thing and more importantly did you eat it?


Sydney said...

I did get it, and I did what I ususally do - I ate a couple of pieces and then the rest of it languished in the refrigerator until I threw it out. I get the urge for pizza sometimes but then when I've had a couple of pieces I'm sated until I get the urge for it again.

Plus, since I had customers in town from Detroit, L.A. and Canada for the weekend there was plenty of great food around anyway so I didn't have a chance to get back to the pizza in any case lol

(oh yes, and even though I am a transplant to the south, I still made EVERYONE try fried frog legs, fried green tomatoes and hush puppies while they were here. They looked at the fare with great trepidation but everyone had to agree that it was delicious.)

Sydney said...

Just in case you were wondering, that was the only time I made them eat at a "Southern" fried restaurant - I just thought they should have the experience once while they were here. It was one of those prototypical catfish parlors.

But actually, for being such a small town in the south, we are a retirement/resort community so we have a selection of a handful of unbelievably nice restaurants here that rival those I have seen in any larger city.

So we actually had a great time and ate a lot of food and hopefully - we're set up to sell a good deal of chicken.