Saturday, June 24, 2006

Awww.... For Fuck's Sake

Ok, I am going to blog HERE about the cool new thing Ms. Scarlett
is doing because ummm... I can't do it on her blog. (I have lang-
uage issues) and uh... I might disparage certain of the designers
openly and rather err... loudly at times. I mean, I haven't yet, but..
I might. LOL but anyway folks, go check her out, she is famous.

Always well put together and cool as cucumber, Scarlett is blogging
Bravo's "Project Runway," - Check it out! She has done a marvel-
ous job, along with her two compatriots, Laura K., and T-bone:


And keep it nice, site rules: no cursing, no disparaging the design-
ers in the show (some of their parents actually read the site!)

Nice work Charlotte!
P.S. I am CRUSHED! I was rooting for Santino! (Go Figure)

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