Sunday, June 18, 2006

KATIE HOLMES - Are You Listening?

Listen Girlfriend,

Get yourself one of those extremely good, high-priced Hollywood
divorce lawyers. You know, one who has too much money to be
afraid of those moonies! err.. sorry, Scientologists. I know, I know,
rumor has it that you signed your kid and Tom's fortune away in
one of those stupid pre-nups. Something about how you have to
stay married to him for ten years or you'll walk away with nothing-
including the kid.

Well, I don't know if that's true or not, but here's a hint. HE
how about that. But listen honey, I think I have a way out for
you. I was reading up on child support law. You know, for my
own purposes? And I came across this little tidbit I thought
might help you out so I'm passing it along. Here it is:

About that Damn Pre-nup

See? So get yourself a great attorney and an even better judge
and you might be able to at least walk away from this entire
ordeal with your kid. Because those last photos we saw of you
sweetie? You weren't looking so hot.


kathi said...

Poor Katie, I think the world varies between feeling sorry for her and that she's got what she deserves. Fortunately, I don't get what I often, why should she?
Have we seen pictures of the kid yet anywhere? Or have I just not been paying close attention?

Sydney said...

I haven't been paying attention but I think that there have been photos of the little mini-cruiser published somewhere.

I was much more interested in Angelina's baby because Angelina (along with Brad) did something so positive with the money from the photos and because in general I see her as being such a positive energetic person, in addition to being such a philanthropist and being so bold in living life on her own terms. Not many women do that so I really like women who do.

Katie Holmes looked really dazed and almost just wounded (emotionally, not physically) in the last photos I saw of her. Truly I feel badly for her and I would never think she got "what she deserves". She looked shaky.

It seems like maybe she doesn't have the presence or sense of self to deal with what she got into (particularly if she really did sign that draconian pre-nup as she is rumored to have done) - but of course, that's just arm chair psychology on my part, its not as though I know the girl.

Its just how fragile she appears of late from seeing her in photos.

And it just seems odd that she's given up everything she once believed in for everything Tom Cruise believes in within a few months time. From afar, that seems or appears to others like a loss of individuality on her part. But who knows what her life with Tom is really like.

I do know that the other two women who were prominent in Tom's life, Mimi Rogers and Nicole K., seemed to be able to retain their own identity even while married to him. Nicole even retained her own Catholic faith for herself and wanted it to be a part of her children's lives. She refused to allow herself to be controlled or to change her identity or to raise her children under circumstances in which she did not feel comfortable (again, all of this according to press reports, not personal knowledge).

I am not Catholic, but I would think that religious faith is very personal and when someone is eager to have you give that up, it is a very controlling type of maneuver. I would think that if one had held to a particular faith into one's early adulthood and then for whatever reason felt pressured to change it in a few short months, that would be a very de-stabilizing thing to have happen. Particularly if it occurred while one was pregnant.

But there I go again with the psychology and I know Scientologists hate that stuff.

leo myshkin said...

i just can't figure out the appeal of tom. does he appeal to women or men?

or is he just a product of good marketing like insync or the backstreet boys?

Sydney said...

You got me. I see him as someone who used to be a fairly decent (emphasis on the word "fairly") actor with (admittedly) a great smile who once had the common sense to marry someone taller, smarter and vastly more talented than himself. Then he divorced her and she apparently got what was left of his sanity and good judgement in the settlement. He doesn't appeal to me. He seems more than a little controlling...

The Seeker said...

Who cares? He obviously has her totally brainwashed... If she had a clue, she'd have left after the Oprah thing.

BTW - still beautiful. Mmmm...

Sydney said...

flattery, flattery... ;)

you know where that'll get you.

Anonymous said...

Most interesting given Nic maried last weekend here in Sydney in a momentous ceremony. I hope she has found lasting happiness.


Sydney said...

Risky, I hope so too. She is a very talented lady and has always seemed to me to demonstrate such poise and elegance, even under what must have certainly been distressing times in her personal life.